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  1. Nice update dev, can't wait to test it. I'm hoping more skill to rework in the future, especially skills that always got resisted in PvE . And also rework forsaken innate skill that give 3 point of mana regen. It's not really useful if you compared it with other innate skill that give % point
  2. Increasing hotkey panel, ui scaling, and active widget it's a nice update. As for skill, does mage skill remove DK dark shield buff? If yes, then DK wouldn't stand a chance against mage.
  3. Guys, I'm not sure I'm in the right room but i have problem with updating. It says Update Error (error 0X0dfa83ED). What should I do?
  4. What about increasing the minimum lvl to speak on world chat? Like from lv3 to lv7. It would increase their time to lvl up just to scam on wc aand i hope it would also decrease drama caused by low lvls crying on wc.
  5. The main idea is a costume that hide armor without removing them. Cause some people just wanna run naked in arinar. And also this costume allow people to use their favorite haircut. Sorry for the bad edit this is my first post on forum
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