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I want to buy/sell/exchange items

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Scam? I don't think people want to trade with a lvl 3 guy whos forum name is "bagspace". :rofl:


Nope Delta, some people uses lvl 3 characters to sell their items & don't worry he's not a scammer :) .
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It's a fair gold to costume exchange. As for the scamming, you have to be mind-numbingly stupid to get scammed during exchange.


Ok. But all those things were just too much matcjing how scammers usually are. So nvm me then.



PS. Never gotten scammed. 8)

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Selling SD 1h mace, mc side


If ur in eu(as I know ur in eu), check this...

Buying SD 1h mace on legion side, emerald-server. Trade with a pyramidhead costume if thats more desirable then gold.



PM me here on forum since im not very active ingame right now.



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EU Emerald - Protectors of Spear


Sell [Demonologist's Suit]


I'm hoping to get offers which include gold with max amount of 10 [Extra Pocket].. Highest offer yet is 1.55M + 5 extra pockets, I won't say player's name but he/she is yelling often in World Chat about buying Demo.. I'm keeping 2M as base selling price (Noth thick, so you can offer lower prices).. If no offers come before end of the weekend I will sell Demo to that other guy.. I don't know if my price is too harsh or too low because there is no "Base" Value for Demo so it's hard to pick right price.. The reason of my selling is because I want quit the game and give Demo chance to move forward of it's journey..


You can find me by the names: Dupmass, Paralyzer, Chydra & Rogue if you know it's name

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Selling Red Troll Costume. Taking gold offers only, highest offer till now is 700K. I am expecting better offers as it is one of the last equipping piece on the server.

Us-sapphire- Thetrade lvl3 mage.

Message me here or pm me in - game.:)


Опубликованное фото


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I have 2 Wild boys on mc, and wish to trade one to elf side. Not buy it, or sell or trade for something else, only Wild for Wild, if you have a Wildboy on elf and want one on mc, im the person for that. Am trustworthy, ask around, and open for any type of trade (trough friends, third person, idk). Details will be aranged once we talk in person. If interested pm me MC side: Chickenfly, Crushspell, Fishfilet or ELF: Hypotex, Smoothly, Ripeos. Server: EU- emerald  thank you




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