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  1. Please change my name to: Thetrade. Ty
  2. Selling : Ripper's Sycthe (2H) skin- 25k/pc Ripper's Dagger (1H) skin- 90k/pc, 150k/2 pcs Pm in-game or leave a message.
  3. u mean Us-Sapphire? Yes pnoyblader is scammer, the whole server knows that, but didn't knew that he was exploiting some kind of bug. :shok:
  4. Selling Red Troll Costume. Taking gold offers only, highest offer till now is 700K. I am expecting better offers as it is one of the last equipping piece on the server. Us-sapphire- Thetrade lvl3 mage. Message me here or pm me in - game.:)
  5. All stay 10 more rare items that exist :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  6. It's a fair gold to costume exchange. As for the scamming, you have to be mind-numbingly stupid to get scammed during exchange.
  7. Selling following costumes : Holiday Boy Herald -300k Holiday Girl Herald - 250k Prices are fixed. PM here or in game ( lvl3 mage [email protected]). :)
  8. Still awaiting the best offer. :)
  9. Selling to best offer I get(gold or signs).Pm me in game US-sapphire elf or here . My character Bagspace. :) :)
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