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  1. Was angry bcoz it was damn hard... Nd nothing for it.... Well ty so much for help...
  2. Char name = xshamyy Achievment = generol designer We done it bt just 5 sec after kill.. Server crashed
  3. We done engineer in us sapphire... Bt after boss dead...i seen i got 5 achivment and suddnly all dc...and after 15 min when we can login back...boss was alive nd achivment gone..wtf is this...i want my kill back..it was not a easy thing to kill him...just dont think we r stupid.. We have proof of it...we have video...give us our kil back duck..
  4. Waterball only stun. 1 sec...forest sing not always work..then only root left.....just give tornado stun back or new skill disable skills
  5. Just give druids.. Tornado stun back or make new skill disable skills.... If cant.. Just take ur new skill back..just give druids what we had in past..
  6. Wtf gm..why remove tornado stun..nd why new skill dont disable skills..damn bad
  7. See where m pointing at down corner > side..how to go
  8. All people tell different things like kronus drop, cicada drop.. Bt anyone sure who really drop it? Tell me
  9. wtf wtf wtf ...atleast give that 20-50 min timer bfore off it ...its ducking
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