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  1. Well just spread the word i guess, all i can do is squeeze the weasle out
  2. tydess


    So ik theres alot going around about my druid wich i just got back not long ago, imdruid, imbd took it from me he guessed my password and sold it i just was able to recover it not long ago and people are still angry thinking its imbd when its really not anymore, Vitokill if your here reading this yes it is me the actual and original owner imbd is pathetic/ a liar/ a ganker
  3. So idk who hitlicksx is but hes been saying he is me (tydeee) and hes scamming everyone can yall do somthing about this please.
  4. This being true its still not stopping people
  5. Also if this is in the wrong topic i appologize, and request if you could move it to the correct topic location, thank you
  6. Just an idea i had its not a bad one in fact it may help a bit, anyways what about we get somthing in settings like an item lock that takes a 4 didget code to unlock if u set it, once enabled u cant drop anything sell anything or unequip anything or use any gold mcoins anything, once code is used and its unlocked u can untill u set it and u set a code every time i set it, it dont save old code i mean think abt it ik theres people that share accs then cry when stuffs gone if this was in place they cant cry and scammers would eventually die down itd make things so much easyer on u devs lemme kno
  7. Yep i seen it about 3-5mins ago
  8. They still havent fixed it ........
  9. Yep i was on then boom crash i wanna lvl my barb lmao cmooooooooooooooooon
  10. I belive servers are going bonkers again snorlax just a heads up no one i know even myself can get on it judt sits there forever (loading) And my net is just fine xs ~loyal player Tydess/tydeee
  11. If many people ask enuf times they will eventually give in how do u think warcraft got 1v1 area inv battles... players asked multiple times...
  12. Yea i mentioned it in game a while ago and ppl posted here but still they should itd be good i personally think its alot better then their current "crafting" update
  13. Hello altho you might think its silly i have an idea for you that you may want to at least think about As we all know non Neutral areas such as secret cave (pvp cave) is an issue when players pvp others tend to jump in well heres an idea devs. it would be nice if you added the feature to invite another player (friend or foe) to a pvp in neutral areas such as nadir or swamps spawn point allowing 1 player and the other to atack each other if both accept the battle the pvp would be in the area that both players originally accepted battle so they wouldnt be teleported to arena for 1v1 sho
  14. Im well aware that aigrind needs to make a financial quota each month im not complaining i merely suggested some ideas/input
  15. Ya it would be nice if they had a limit to wins per month no.matter if 1st 2nd or.3rd win the limi cant compete in tourney for a certain time would be nice
  16. Lame we all know hassns guild will just f*** us all over by purposly winning every one of the events.... (as usual)
  17. Pff idk why you wouldnt want to have ability for picking your own view of game those who said no are really stupid if u ask me bcuz i didnt ask u if u wanted it i made a suggestion ^i dont exactly mean zooming in i mean making it so a player can ajust view depending on their phones so they can see whole map or whatev they want cuz on my phone i can only see 5 steps away from me im screwed if elf come cuz i cant see them till its too late and they blitz me{Zte engage v8000 by android}
  18. If so ss them and show us if not then f♥♥♥ off nub
  19. Hi altho my opinion may not matter Much i think players of ws wether be on mobile or computer should be able to pick their zoom display as they wish / set how far in or out they want many people have issues with view depending on phone type i belive it would be a great thing to let users pick their own zoom view and amount of quick slots (vertical being max of 7 and horizontal max of 12) that they wish just an idea to the devs please take this into consideration thank you for your time and efforts keep up the great work
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