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  1. plz answer me if this will be fixed, or else we got a big problem i say. so?
  2. FOR GOD SAKE!!!!!! fix the problem with every kill that happens in game are listed in area chat, atleast fix a option to disable it without disable area chat one of the biggest mistakes i seen with chat bugs
  3. that dmg is 2x +10 lvl 22 1h axes and dmg accecories with 1 ice ring, only buff is the rage bonus u get from weps, 10% for 10 sec.
  4. I want answers, people have spamming heroic towers/gardens/termitary 24/7. But noone have dropped serpent on whole eu, i bet its the same on all other servers. We have been spending thousand gold and mcoins on stamina. I want a directly answer from gms, or that this event get fixed and continue next week. Greetings Imswede
  5. I wanna change my forum name to '' Imswede''
  6. Hi, dunno if we ever meet eachother xd, most of the old members has quitted or just putted the game to the side for some months. PM my chars and i will get u a spot in guild, Imswede, Marilion, i will tell u more whats going on inside guild
  7. thats a costume? from what boss?
  8. Best was when we nuked whole t1 xD
  9. Me, holo and alco online :good:
  10. lol ninja, we are just rotating chars most of us, and u maybe were of longest And kick jellybelly, rahul wont log br for awhile, if he ever gonna use it xD
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