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  1. I already suggested this see my suggestion in my signature
  2. Had the same with my friend, so I posted his story with my own account.. Idk what else to do..
  3. Hahahaha sis! still for me she's the best And no meanie, it's "Bestgiirl"
  4. Benim bildigim kadariyla 5 gun icinde cevap atmalari lazim, hafta sonlari haric..
  5. ty sulla now i got it. Cause what nosotraes said wasnt true, i had the same problem with my samsung S4 before. But thanks,
  6. LG G3 Btw it should be nice if we could multitask.. When i open another app for a few secs, the game closes. So annoying.
  7. Dear developers, 2 members of PerfectElf have no access to their characters (Archergirl and Dirknow). Their accounts got blocked without any reason. They are waiting for a reply of Support. We are thinking if this could be a bug. We would like to hear an answer of the team.
  8. Hello, I have bought miracle coins on friday 21th and havent received any coins yet. I bought with my PayPal account, and the amount is already taken of my account. I already sent 2 e-mails and 1 ticket to support, still haven't got any answer yet. Can I get an answer please? Oh and btw, the account is created at the same country where I bought the coins.
  9. I had the same and still didnt got any reasonable answer. Only thing u can do is just wait. I even bought miracle coins last friday and didnt even received them yet. Sent a mail to support but still waiting. Good luck.
  10. 03-02-'15 ; Istanbul

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