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  1. Still no news for update , game boring ... Capped players dont have content at all , at lvl 18 you had irslenort+bosses irsle caves+bosses lab+bosses swamps+bosses 4 contents , on lvl 28 you have stupid pelion and thats it , bet on lvl 30 you get 1 more dg 1 more raid boss 1 more island 1 new skill and thats only it. Ppl will cap lvl 30 in 2-3 days tops , kill raid once and thats it content over.
  2. well the point is to draw costume with those set parameters, so it can be fair for every one because i can draw professional costume 1000x1000 and what would be competition to that ?
  3. ur costumes are double height the standards
  4. Hello , i found out about the contest last night , so this is what i have come up with. My char is named Fufica EM. Down below are my drawings and the story behind the costume. I hope i win the 1st place not because of the m coins price but because i wanna have that costume put on my character. i also have larger format pics and gifs. beta knight. knight front. knight back. extras. GIF knight. (took me lot of time to make). I did not made side view because it would take me many more hours, if i win i want his shoulders to be a little wide apart now they re very close to t
  5. can i upload my content tomorrow night? to keep it from copyrights :D
  6. from what i see its 26 pix wide , not fair
  7. buffs say they give hp mp regen , but i have same stats
  8. when lvl 18 was max u had many bosses on irsle , many bosses on irsle caves , swamps , lab, like 4 continents. at lvl 28 u only got pelion. they should make new island , new map like lab , new map like swamps and the last two to require 25+ lvl to enter in them with drops for lvl 28-30. otherwise 1 new island = 2 days to get lvl 30 , 1day to finish story , and 1 month to play until get drop and get bored afterwards and be only left with spamming raid for costume.
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