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  1. Jswaaz

    gg lost mod

    >r0land says to drop it in mod forum >special snowflake says i need to be banned >i fire back apparently i started it
  2. Jswaaz

    gg lost mod

    im still here, darling because "i started it"
  3. Jswaaz

    gg lost mod

    im a grill btw pls notice me i will send pics for mod i no scam u
  4. if i could +10 any class id choose dk i feel they stack the best with darkness shield and +10 armor compared to any other class getting full +10s including ranger (ranger a close 2nd) i once fought a dk with +10 1h sword vs my +7 paladin, and he completely wrecked me no chance
  5. topic locked in preparation for the upcoming horde of triggered feminist comments was nice knowing you all
  6. ive been here all summer
  7. every 10 seconds, for an hour straight? pls no
  8. tavern = off topic, im just awaiting the horde of insults bound to appear within 24 hours
  9. doesnt need a topic, its tavern, post count disabled pvprange #1 pro player should die down within tomorrow for confirmation if the special snowflake is gonna rage ban me
  10. i didnt say elf werent winning wars, all im saying is rogues can attack banner easily while every other class cant. should be detected while invisible...
  11. for the THIRD TIME redbird was not banned and his warning was NOT for calling sapphire 50 years old, it was for his WHOLE post which included more insults
  12. i never once said "im going to ban you" to anyone ever sulla, i dont get off on a power trip poley on another note actually does this youre instigating isnt appreciated
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