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The only costume on pala ill ever wear.

(It was "ill ever have" but then spring update came. Maybe ill delete it?)


I had other hairstyles too but i decided to stick to the one i had back when i was lvl16-18


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So I've been playing for a long while, but never understood for what this option is... Anyone got an idea?

it changes the way u see players names in ur screen, try it to see how works, when u move if u want the names to stack n show u all of the word or u want the screen to it the word


by word i mean names of players and guilds and lvl

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ohh can i try it can i try it??!!


let's see.. ummm.. 1.. Use a discontinued mc shop costume




2. Make everyone jealous about the fact that it's even amongst one of the few in the server.




3. Special snowflake 




go ahead Snowkath, call me Richens

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