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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hzS2FA8dIE
  2. Depends if it tastes good. Was it really worth it that Cersei Lannister used wildfire fire to bomb the Great Sept of Baelor? Also, do you think the Finale was awesome?
  3. It's mocking the stereotypical hillbilly or redneck American patriot who, due to their accent (right word?) pronounces "America" as "'Murica." It's usually said when something about America is mentioned, whether it's good or bad. Who's the person you hate will do the walk of shame like Cersei Lannister?
  4. Idk cuz I use my feet. Who won in the Battle of the Bastards?
  5. Very bad. Is it really true that western civilization is one of the cause of homosexaulity? How about China? They have records of homosexaulity since ancient times. So, when you live on a city or with many people, some become homo or bi. In ancient rome, they also have records of homosexaulity in ancient times. Do population cause homosexaulity? I haven't heard that there's a homosexual in a small isolated tribe. What I mean is, homosexaulity is not needed or does not develop in small populations.
  6. Damascus steel Why are homosexuals hated? Are asexuals part of LGBT? Is sexuality genetical or developed or both or unknown or something?
  7. ?!?! What if we Humans can fuse with other humans?
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