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  1. MCocktail


    You forgot to put old runes and old signs on it you idiot xD
  2. MCocktail

    Warspear in Modern Life

    i feel insulted. I, a passionate Paladin, an sjw? fml :(
  3. MCocktail

    Important Question

    Paladin is by far one of the most versatile classes I know, so many possibilities, allthough the best one would be a magic centered build Warden is, as far as i know really easy to play, very straightforward, and i think hes fun
  4. MCocktail

    ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

    The Question he was hiding would probably be if i would ever return. Are you ready????
  5. MCocktail

    Yours sincerely Administrator

    Are you kidding me? How are you going to expect the devs and admins to address your minor problem if you spam incromprehensible gibberrish 3 times? Do you realize that sending more requests and opening more topics is nothing but timeconsuming, and that people like you are the reason support needs multiple days or even weeks to properly process? I wonder how you even got verified To address your issue, i do think that malevolent players are kind of an problem. But how do you want to stop them? You (seemed to) say that its innappropiate to punish them by, e.g. banning. The nearest option for devs to act would be to decrease levelcap for drops, but that would be negative as well.(Sorry if i missunderstood.) So as long as you dont have any idea on how to solve it, i don't see how your topic is relevant for the support section of the WS Forums.
  6. MCocktail

    Most annoying creatures?

    Allways the group of mobs that cluster around and share aggro. if one of them sees you, 4 will attack you. Its just annoying and makes me paranoid.
  7. MCocktail


    If you are referring to 4chan, i must imform you that 4chan can hardly be called deep web. also, i do know that 2girls one cup is DISGUSTING af, but i didnt even watch it. the 9gag comment references are more than enough
  8. MCocktail


    sounds like a reference to a nasty pron clip xD
  9. MCocktail

    ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

    What is the system in Arcane Legends? Also, i do think so, because Aigrind would have come up with a far better and smoother plan to make money without making all its players rage
  10. MCocktail

    Arena skins

    Definetly xD that would be cool as heck
  11. MCocktail

    some suggestions

    Also, if you are not happy with a shoddy lvl2 guild then deal with it. A guild is essentailly a bond of people striving for success in society. If you dont want to participate on that concept, then you don't have to, and you shouldnt be in a guild at all. However, you can also just spam the world chat with "NEED GUILD LVL9 INV ME", maybe someone will take you. tho i might doubt it. just lower your standarts, man. also 2 has allready been suggested. also 3 has allready been suggested, and declined.
  12. MCocktail


    I messed up by leveling my rogue up to lvl7. well, im glad there wasnt any valuable stuff on it tho, that would have been a mess. Im remaking my rogue, now with the name mustardnub
  13. MCocktail

    The Mercs (Lvl 10) <This is Mercs>

    from me too, CONGRATS FOR LVL 9 !