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  1. Thanks for the guide! Didn't see a very good crafting guide before so this is very useful. Pretty clear to understand.
  2. Hey everyone, just checking in after a long time. How do you think the game is going so far in 2021? How is the population of the game in the server you are playing? How does it compare to a few years ago? How welcoming is the game for new players at the moment?
  3. as a f2p new player mage has to be one of the worst choices as i think you would need a full life steal set to be good with it.
  4. In order to make the dungeons more interesting and sometimes more challenging, generating random levels based around the original layout can be very effective. Randomness is found in many games in many different forms. What i noticed was doing the same dungeon over and over again can get old really quick, however with a randomly generated dungeon, it would be a lot more fun to spam dungeons as each time it will be a little more different than the previous run.
  5. If you cant find someone to do the boss quests right now you can always follow on with the storyline without interuption. And check every once in a while for other people. Or just come back when you can solo them
  6. Hello everyone, although i haven't been actively playing for like 4 years now i still monitor the forums to see how the game is going. How is the population in the game right now? I think there are less people in the forum. How is the game balance and how welcoming is the game to new players or players returning?
  7. Exciting! Will be waiting for international testing.
  8. I guess accepting quests and then killing the mobs was too much work for this guy.
  9. How is the rogue gonna use the skill to remove the stun if he is already stunned and cant use any skill
  10. real question here is, is there a vpn to connect from china
  11. My poem about the snow event. Merry christmas everyone, and a happy new year!
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