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  1. Hi there, Firstly, my apologies If this issue has been resolved or another topic has already been made about it, I haven't been active on forum in a while and i've recently returned to the game. i've checked for a topic on this and there doesn't seem to be one. If you apply Word Power onto an enemy with low energy and they use a skill, Word Power no longer takes the full energy cost of the skill from the enemy below zero mana. I checked all the recent announcements to see if it was listed as a skill fix/nerf, but I couldn't find it and after experimenting wit
  2. Looking foward to this, can't wait to see what unique relics people get.
  3. "Some say its the end of the story, other say its only the begining, why doesn't anyone ever say its the middle?" - [insert Name Here]
  4. didn't know scatter shot was included, no more ham for this guy
  5. You can only put one relic from each category on a skill and if you try to place another relic from the same category it will replace the previous one.
  6. Well, it happened, good times melting the heroic tower boss in seconds and destroying snorlar
  7. Right, not really moving from bottom rank but seems like they're going in the right direction. From what i've seen most of these changes were suggested by players once before so they're taking advise. Few changes are a bit questionable though, like changing blinding fire into a direct targeting skill. Now that it only damages the players around the target player(dealing no damage to the target itself) i was assuming that the blind effect would actually 'bline' opponents to counteract that weird change. Take blazing ground as a comparason: Blazing ground has over half the cooldown time, cos
  8. Did they nerf it by reducing its number of ticks or is it 1 tick every 8.66 seconds?
  9. So does light aura transfer the relic's effects to other party members? Does the heal relic for priest, necro and pala really heal to the user's hp?
  10. seems they were tweaking the skills during the test days
  11. "You can catch flies with honey, but you catch more honeys being fly" -Keegan Large but seriously: You wouldn't warry so much about what others think of you if you realise how rarely they do so. - Someone
  12. OOTL: why does merciless strike look like that?
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