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[2015.10.19] Week of Galore! Double bounty for Guilds and Dungeon Explorers

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Warriors of Arinar!

We've got some awesome news for you! The Gods are generous this week and will bring double profit to all Guilds and Dungeon Explorers. And some of the rarest of costumes are back!

For only this week you'll get:
- Crimson Corundum reward for Guild Tournament is doubled
- Guild Points reward for Dungeon completion is doubled
- The chance for a unique weapon drop in every Dungeon on Heroic difficulty is doubled
- Chances of getting heroic armor in Cronus's Belly are doubled

Don't forget, that in every dungeon on Heroic difficulty you will have the chance to obtain
the rarest costumes of Trolls!

Also, Guild that will take 4-10 places in Guild's tournament will be awarded with Crimson Corrundums and their victory will count in Non-fading Glory achievement!     

Drop chance for the costumes does not depend on the character’s level.

Event starts on October, 19th at 12:00 (CET) and ends on October, 26 13:00 (CET).

Don’t skip this chance and we’ll see you in the game,
The AIGRIND team.

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