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  1. Idk if this correct without ask him, but his name is evil at Us-saphire
  2. Yes please first make a balance of skills, and dk is op, we have 1 dk on our server 15 extra books, merman gear, nobody is able to kill him xd i play this game since 2012 and being honest at this moment melee classes control the arena, if this set gives them 10% extra penet they will more broken, and the magic set the cd its good but cd cant help if they will resist our skills all time, also melee clases they dont need alot cd and their skills are really fast, for example a bd they only have 15% cd from guild and 7% from cd book, with 21% cd they can combo rush and hamstring, i have a warlock friend with 59% cd and his fear and dark circle cd are 8 and 9 seconds and a bd with 21% cd can faster skill than a magic? I hope u considere all this and let it know to the admins please, i just want a fair environment of skills for every class.
  3. I have shaman 10+ 60% resilence with defence books and Blade dancer hit me 1400 with no buff, with pot, scroll and castle buff they hit 2k and u still wanna give them more dmg? U say magic clases must take distance but how we take distance when bd has 3x stack resist plus rush skill? Rogue can jump, seeker and death knight can pull you, rangers hits u from 7 yards with relic, ur suggestion and answer really make us see u dont know how pvp works, go fight vs a dk o barb with greatness mixed with merman and after that u will see ur sugestion on making that set as pvp its too much broken, and still resist every 5 sec? The pvp right now just need some fixes, blade dancer need get dmg reduced and resistance removed, rogues full dodge ur atatck and if u wanan control them they get resist, rogues must has cd for resist while they use a dodge build for example 1 resist in 10 seconds, charmers need a limit of dogs, those 3 classew too much broken just fix that and u will see how many players will be happy and become more active at arena
  4. Who suggested this must be a pve player with 5+ weapons, arena melee weapons hits on magic classes already 1000-1500 auto attacks, now imagine with 10% extra pene, do u want a bd hits u 2000 each attack? And merman gear mixed with arena already make good tanks and now imagine that set as pvp, do u want tanks become inmortal? I know arena need some changes but this is not what ppl needs, we just need a fair balance of skills for every class. Stop making melees stronger, just please open the game take a look how broken its a bd with 3x stack resist, hitting u 1400 without buff, rangers and seekers hits like 4 or 5 times in 3 seconds, rogues with dodge and resist u cant do nothing if u attack they dodge if wanna control they resists, death knights with 1 hand weapon hits 970, i love the game but melee classes every day more broken, just take a look and make a fair balance for all classes
  5. I love my warlock but most of the time, my skills are bugged, or full resisted, I just hope u guys can check one da all the disadvantage for warlocks players, and give a good defence skill, like mages barrier, or a skill that do something when skill are resisted, warlocks are great just need fix the bug at dark circle and something that helps vs resistance, I hope u can read it and considere it, thanks.
  6. I could show u some videos about pvp vs rogue, or blade dancers, as I know admin dont play the game but that's the reason the game is unbalanced, cause they dont know about It they give buff to a class who doesnt need, and nerf a class who doesn't need, the point of the forum is for u read about what ur community says, not for u acting like the game is perfect and u know everything, if we come to the forum is for u can see what are the problems of the game, and check it and do something about it
  7. Dark circle always at arena is bug, people sometimes walks on it, or sometimes late to activate the stun, pls check it, and considere give a good defence skill to dont die so fast vs blade dancers, rangers, rogues, seekers, hunters, or do something with the resistance parameter because anyone with a pot and card resistance can counter a warlock easily, ty so much.
  8. My gear 10+, my books distortion of life, vampirism, cooldown, defence book phy and magic, and some others, and there is no chance to beat a pro rogue, they dodge EVERYTHING, if they under resistance scrolls its completely unfair the fight cause a warlock depends on his stunts, and yes they heal 2500 from 1 skill, maybe you must log the game sometimes and check it out, instead just talking at forum. I came to the forum trying to be the voice of the warlocks user, because we wanna be heard, but I just got an answer from someone who doesn't know much about the game, so sad. Sadly a warlock cant use 1 single of those relics while others can, for example a blade dancer can use all the relics from the game, it seem really fair
  9. Im a warlock player I have 50% resilience, 8 extra skill books from dg, and blade dancers hot me 1500 basic attack, 2000 when they under full buff, rogues hit me 1200-1500 and they dodge all, I suggest rogues must not be able to use resist and dodge together, all attacks get dodged and my skills resisted, in my opinion make rogues resist 1 time in 10 seconds because, it's not fair they dodge all and resist all plus 2500 healing from kick in back, any caster class dont have a chance vs rogues or blade dancers, and blade dancer must get nerf the auto attack and resistance, warlocks are great but anyone can counter them when they use pot and scroll resistance, plus resistance from skills, crystal, book, guild skill lvl 12. Just adjust rogues and blade dancers, and gives a defence skill to the warlocks, for example a passive skill when warlock's skill are resisted reduce incoming dmg from the enemies, or when skill are resisted enemy skills got locked and CD get reduced, or something like that that helps to the warlocks to survive, or still easier warlock dark seals at lvl 1 reduce 10% of dmg when enemy under hex, just remove the condition with hex, just make dark seals reduce 60% heal and 60% dmg from enemies at lvl 4, warlocksl will be able to fight no matter if damager or healer, and dont need to make or rebuild any skill.
  10. She is mi amor and i asked her to take the ss
  11. Ofc priests are still needed and useful as well. Their shield and aura are op. On sentinel side, priests are still the most favorable for lower dungeons. On the higher lvl dungeons/pve, all healer classes are good on dungeons/pve.
  12. Purely based on fortune. You can't do anything about it.
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