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  1. great update coming, good job gms. i cant wait for this update. Just one question, when we can get more info about this update?
  2. why emerald Server down when i entered in one dg :! roland :! who gonna pay the stamina?
  3. At last i play at 2 sides its possible , u know why devs put 6 slots to chars? i dont know why elf cry about War, many time ago elf won War many times they dont do 3-0 anymore elf at emerald became lazy, many players dont care to War, they Just go ghaspel afk,waiting for The buff.mcs did it before start beat elfs at Wars.
  4. no, its 100mc on vs 50 elf on and 950 afk at ghaspel or at event. Dont cry
  5. Yes elf out numbered, but how all know,many only afk at t1 ,or are in event dg:D ,and at last mcs use a strategy,they agroup close to riff before War starts,elf start apear in riff after War start, no strategy,no win:D
  6. what are u talking about, elf are out numbereb:D go use it i know why u cry about hassn,exist more elf than mcs at eu emerald, elf have best skill,elf have Life scroll spammers too, so, why cry about 1 guild? War is War ,devs dont did nothing about elf number,why they should do something about Mc ways to win?
  7. Hmm, swamp Quest vow colums droping water sorcerer :/ slot 1 its a bug or what?
  8. And i saw many players saying lag lag lag laggy lag
  9. Roland. Server emerald laaaaaag alot. Slow connection every 5 seconds, and my net have 30 mb
  10. Its easy boss. When He turk invisible go to The astral Ball and hit boss. long ranged players Will do it easy
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