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  1. Same for me, only down left boss gave repu. No guild finished the GvG as far as I can tell
  2. Nothing to see here, gms are unwilling to change the game anyway
  3. As you all know, with the last update there were changes to some skill mechanics. I'm looking for a skill build primariliy focused on PvE, but I don't want to completely suck at PvP either. Currently I'm running 5/5 stealth and merci with 3/5 gouge. 4/4 on jump, exter and poison. Was anyone able to test the new mechanics already? Is it worth to go 4/4 on Frenzy with the new update? What skill build are you currently using? For reference: I'm running attack speed/crit build with life steal accessories and enchants and halloween wpn.
  4. I'm having the same issue since the last update (mid november). I do not have the Small UI option in the settings screen. Using an iPhone XS Max. Kinda sucks because only 5 of the 10 hotkey slots are displayed, which makes playing very frustrating (dying in dg because you have to switch to other hotkeys to use pot). If anyone knows how this can be changed back, would be cool!
  5. I don’t see this option in any settings screen. I am using an iPhone XS Max if that helps.
  6. I just updated the app on my iPhone and now everything is super big. The hotbar is not displayed fully and you can't see a lot of the map at all. Am I the only one with this issue? Is it possible to change that back? Would be awesome
  7. Also you don't really need that long, you need only like 1.6k rep to move on to the next town. After tlalocs they actually removed the link, so you just need to complete the story line there to move on to techno.
  8. If you didn't share your acc information in the first place, this suggestion would be irrelevant. Just sayin'
  9. I guess they won't do it, because the database is not official afaik. It's a fan made database, right?
  10. 1. There are tons of topics about skill point distribution 2. always 5/5 ham 3. axe + dagger/sword is best combo
  11. I got my dagger to +9 with 3 sets and failed to get it +10 after 200+ sets my luck sucks sometimes
  12. Ok so I try to calculate something here If you use 2x lvl 23 arena axe +10 that will be 696 dmg. With full arena rewards set + pot and scroll + guild buff you get +55% extra dmg so you will have 1078 base dmg. If you go stealth, you get +60% dmg so your stealth base dmg will be 1726 dmg. Your dmg from merciless according to this formula will be 2309. Both axes with great charm ferocity will be 45% --> vs other players you will hit 3348, crit will be 6697! (if they have 0% resil, unfortunately they have 5% resil, so you will just hit 6362!) Damn thats a lot (All numbers are calculated with decimal places, numbers are cut, just like the game does it) Too lazy to calculate possible max dmg with priest aura, necro infection and dk thread
  13. Just for some players here in this topic: Definiton of stun: Stun is a status effect that prevents active actions like moving, turning, using spells, items, but does not prevent passive abilities, such as evasion, damage block. Stuns also interrupt any casting or channeling spells and attacks. To get back to the topic: Ferocity improves the variety in pvp, I think it is very nice for low/mid amp players, but it gives too much advantages for high amp players. I think a "turned progression" (more bonus for lower dmg and less bonus for higher dmg) would be a solution. At the moment ferocity is totally useless for all healing classes, so I suggest that it also enhances your heal.
  14. Neat suggestion. Now with 200 bag slots it get's kinda confusing sometimes
  15. basic skills: 5 ham, 5 flash strike, 3 sap or parry expert skills: 4 counterattack, if power of the blades is still bugged max this out too
  16. Idk which server you play in, but in EU I have to wait like 30sec for an arena match (lvl22)
  17. You need to attach an e-mail before you can change your password
  18. Thiefmastr

    Black screen

    Yeah permissions in Marshmallow are weird. I use the Galaxy S7, runs also on Marshmallow, and I had the same problem with the app I installed from the Play Store. I just downloaded the apk from the game site and now it works fine
  19. Thiefmastr

    Black screen

    Reinstalled the app already? Which android version?
  20. 30 bucks for that extra 20 dmg? =O
  21. It's not my hood, you need to ask Lyzois in EU-Server
  22. Well it works with magic def rune, idk if it works with normal def
  23. Ok, nice. For some reason I see a difference to the game client of 5.5... Might be my eyes tricking me or you did some changes to the client. No matter what it is it looks beautiful
  24. This looks absolutely awesome! Have you improved the resolution or are this pictures anti aliased?
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