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  1. If they would start getting valdemar chest everyone will park their lv 1 char at valdmar castle
  2. Dk/bqrb can easily win against bd if they spam stunt skill and gotbhigh cd......xblackskyx-us sapphire
  3. lol just say to gm to remove bd character
  4. Usama Tayyab


    Deleted char can't be restored.
  5. Why do U think U are an elf?it's just a game character go create an MC and play lol
  6. So U want many innocent people to die in both countries?
  7. 2 necro vs 2 bd .Go test it.It become 2 necro vs 1 bd cause necro use sleep skill on 1 bd andand the other bd get rekt.same in 1vs1 if necro survive he can use sleep skill and full HP.
  8. Necro isn't the weakest it's U who don't know how to play.
  9. Is my bd bugged?it got 6.6 solidity (I not using any runes).
  10. 6 the time it happened in arena especially when I a lv 22 bd get grouped with lv 20 (noobs with shity weapon)they dont play and I gotto fight 3 player alone like>wtf? All alone vs 3 and one time I won(vs totall noob)all alone and got 150 ap using pot and my afk team members in 3vs3 or should I say 3vs1 got 200+ without using a pot .
  11. really sucked from team both player left in 3vs3 mode only i vs two lv 18+10 and shaman
  12. I won and won and guess what happened later> i won now won vs +10 barb and getting 15-19ap in arena 2vs2 and 39 in arena 5vs5 and other 100 (i am winning)and 100 on 3vs3 while other get 200+ where justice or do i have to wait for some good player?
  13. Can't apply for all battle either but in CPU and laptop everything fine
  14. Bug in Android doesn't show how much point in new PvP mode .Can't revive using life seal either.
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