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  1. nice update! can't wait to come back again
  2. supladah


    aigrind should hire this guy
  3. congrats to all the winners
  4. supladah

    I want to hear the dumbest thing you've done on warspear

    forgot to use sign while amping my +5 lvl19 arena weap
  5. supladah

    Warspear full screen

    thanks! i will try it
  6. supladah

    "Other Games" Discussion

    yey! my new skin
  7. supladah

    "Other Games" Discussion

    nice team there inv me
  8. supladah

    [2015.12.31] Happy New Year!

    happy new year warspear!
  9. happy new year! :)

  10. Merry Christmas! hohohoho

  11. supladah

    "Other Games" Discussion

    girl power
  12. supladah

    "Other Games" Discussion

    nice you finished hell mode?