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  1. Lmao, funny how people were complaining at preview because of having to use 2 sets of armor... Still better than using 3 diff sets like before all 4 magics were fused into one.
  2. C'mon guys, they're doing their best out there. What do you preffer: bugged but fast update or complete and slow one? By the way, there's still 9+ hours before war, don't use it as an excuse to complain, now. Gambatte Devs!
  3. I know that, but the accurracy is high enough for anyone to read 'em, unless they're mentally handcapped. Anyway, everyone got their own preferences I guess. In a side note: Russian fonology is pretty cool though.
  4. Oh, one thing I forgot to ask: will Solidity affect the amount of healing?
  5. He is right. Even though I can't speak russian, I don't think it's a important matter. By the way, you do realize that doing that would greatly increase the admins' workload, I hope? And you can always use google translator, unless you're too lazy to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
  6. Well, let's just sit back and see what happens for now... By the way, I hope that this time the Google Play version actually works on my phone... I can't use any other payment option but Google Play's
  7. What happened to Google Play payment method? I can't see the option among the in game nor among the site's payment methods. *_*
  8. Nah, I don't have such luck. Bad things are bound to happen to me when they happen to someone close
  9. You would be the #1 or #2 in DK's category, lol.
  10. Lol, that one I agree. BD is a goddamnit melee class, why/how tf can you counter something like a magic atk from 5+ yards away when you're a melee class, should just make magic atks parryable. And about the totem stuff, yes, it is countered by the skill. This is simply my humble opinion, as a Legion player. Oh, and I forgot to mention: make counter dodgeable, 'cause, for real, I'm not up for receiving a bunch of 1k crits using daggers (for dps) and die without even being able to dodge. That's bullshit, y'now. -Tiberium, a rather insatisfied regular.
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