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  1. It's dying, too many choices in playstore that's why
  2. I didn't delete my barbarian so
  3. I quit warspears a long time ago, I want to play again but I don't know what is going on. My level 14 Barbarian Twerkforme is missing, I've checked even restore category and I can't find it, I never deleted my barbarian but I still can't find it anywhere in my account. What just happened?? I can see my old characters that I deleted, here are screenshots. Where is my barbarian level 14 Twerkforme?
  4. Here's mine: 1. Game of thrones - Best show ever, I've never seen a show like got, great performance and high quality scene like the movies. You'll watch your favourite characters die and there's no justice, unpredictable and everything comes out as a surprise. There are politics, dragons, wolves and lots of sex. 2. Breaking bad - A chemistry teacher that has lung cancer and now he is making meth and drug dealing so he can pay his medical bills and save money for his family before he dies. Breaking bad is a masterpiece and everything is so perfectly done, acting is best, better than most movies. 3. The walking dead - It's not only about zombies, there are group of people that are trying to survive in zombie apocalypse and other group of people who are usually more dangerous than zombies themselves.
  5. Wonder Woman 8/10 Gal gadot is cute
  6. cybernem


    Nope, it's boring now
  7. and how much damage do you take comparing to that bd?
  8. Party stamina depends on damagers and tanks, so yea if you're low amped people won't invite, if you don't plan to be then just play as healer, everyone will invite even if you're low amped
  9. Warspears is simply unique and amazing, I like its concept and developers are doing just fine, just because you don't like a thing or two, it doesn't mean game is going to die. I just wish they will add confirmation message in pop up miracle coin items, you don't want your customers to buy items by mistake, it shows the game quality if I've to compare it with clash of clans or other popular games, I think this is necessary. I've been playing Warspears for 3 years, there are always overpowered classes sometimes druid, sometimes necromancer but developers are always listening to players and nerfing classes, they're doing their best and we shouldn't be so rude. Warspears isn't going to die, and I hope one day it will have 100m downloads on playstore
  10. cybernem

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone
  11. Dungeon are worth spamming, still people sell items for over 700k and 1m, what are you talking about? and no thanks, I don't like this idea.
  12. Naruto shippuden, death note, code geass.
  13. Amp listening to Justin bieber song baby, 100% success rate at any level
  14. Hi, I want to amp my items but there hasn't been a sale of defence iii or damage iii in weeks yet signs are on sale every week so I can't amp. It doesn't really make much sense to rarely have a sale on spheres for amping yet a weekly sale on signs. It would make much more sense if we could have all amplification items on sale at once that is defence and damage i-iii as well as signs. I'm sure everyone is facing the same problem every now and then, if we had all amplification items on sale, more people would buy amplification items using miracle coins, it would benefits aigrind and it'd make amping much easier. Thank you
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