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  1. If you're just going to copy other people what's the point of playing the game in the first place?
  2. Druid/Shaman might be able to solo mini bosses since they don't resist stuns/blinds/roots.But priest has just armistice, which isn't nearly enough.
  3. That's normal, devs said that it was temporarily disabled a while ago.
  4. 342621117mk


    Translation: I'm from Mexico and I can not carry coins using SMS , anyone can help me ?
  5. Because I wanted to be very annoying to people i don't like.
  6. Exactly, it's not really even possible unless you're at least +8 or so.
  7. You collect the purple stuff on the floor.
  8. Nightmare doesn't cancel heals. So if you nightmare a shaman/druid with heal active they will still be healed while stunned.
  9. I think he meant a costume that makes you transparent and looking as you would without a costume.
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