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  1. Just trying to find official word from them...
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there was a bug with the new Carnival Queen and Carnival Dancer (female version)costume or if it was meant to remove the hair style... I really like them but it's not worth buying if it leaves my character bald. Not that there's anything wrong with being bald
  3. I recently finished NNB and was just getting better...but then I had to look at your avatar TnT I miss it so...
  4. I thought you originally meant hide armor, like the light, unrefined leather armor XD
  5. So I have an extra code for anyone to download Volcanion in case anyone wants it. first come will be first served.
  6. Shuggar

    Mecha plays Warspear

    You have the voice of somebody I wouldn't want to meet in an alley late at night XD
  7. I also would like a dummy that you can take along with you where ever you go... and eventually fall in love with
  8. Shuggar


    Someone tell me Happy B-Day :U
  9. Shuggar


    Hey man, it takes time for the Tlaloc architects to get stuff done
  10. How many costumes do YOU have? mines is the ethereal catalyst XD
  11. how exactly did it get scammed?
  12. There is a lv9 arena 2-handed Mace in arena shop 1st map that has no in game name and has a base damage of magic instead of physical dmg. Is this a bug? I was hoping to make a character use it and amp it to get a high magic dmg. I want to know if the stats along with the name will be changed before I proceed.
  13. Will the additional +1 physical dmg& magic dmg per level also apply to the +1 physical dmg that we already have? i.e lv10 ranger without equips/weapons total dmg =20?
  14. I'm sure that would be abused... pro player looking for easy wins would just demand naked and when paired with lower amped players, they will just put their equipment back XD
  15. It does seem kind of unfair that there are no lv6 craft items available.
  16. Some Bosses in first map drop armor/accessories and all dg in first map can drop armor/weapons too. You're probably better off getting the craft armor since it gives your ridiculously high hp. Craft weapons are superior too. But since there are no craft belts... You can try finding a seller for lv10 snow event belts... or just get ap for lv10 arena belts for Heavy Armor and Light Armor. The cloth arena belt sucks...so you have to farm lv11 dg in first map for a lv9 caster belt...
  17. I kind of don't understand your question.... but Fire Ball is the one that causes "fear" Blazing Ground just has to be active in order for a chance for fear to activate. If you're asking if putting points into Fire Ball increase the chance of Fear activating under Blazing Ground...I don't know. But you would probably put points into Fire Ball regardless for the damage anyways.
  18. Why do I have a feeling that this is an April fools prank and instead of updating event.... they are just shutting it down.... XD
  19. edit: whoops I need to read topics more clearly XD disregard this.
  20. mwuhahaha join the club of tormented souls that foolishly deleted their characters!
  21. It will definitely give all those lv12 craft accessories/armor/weapons some good use.
  22. I hope these weapon skins turn out nice. I kind of like the approach they did with amplifed crossbows looking like miniguns... There should be more crossbow weapon skins that resemble gun artillery *o* I would like a sniper rifle skin plz
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