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[2016.07.27] Beauty contest Warspear Online 2016. Results.

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Hello everyone!

It's time to sum the results of our annual beauty contest. We thank everyone for participation, congratulate the winners and hope that you will share our opinion.


                        Miss Warspear Online 2016                                                         Mister Warspear Online 2016

9DT3LGD.png             EJX38pl.png


                                 Vice-Miss Warspear Online 2016                                                                   Vice-Mister Warspear Online 2016

uNKcU9P.png      thGAcZO.png


PtnAmXF.png         a5ZPa0u.png

sQsiL3f.png        zAwggJi.png

xsnxEAa.png    iQXvkXF.png

Audience Choice Awards

HUVNdMT.png      oSIwN5z.png

Everyone who sees their picture in this topic: to get rewards, contact Roland and don't forget to specify the name of your character and server.


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Gz elie I always believed you'd win because you are the sexiest of all. #nohomo


Btw guys! 2 mods are on the winner list, come on don't you see the obvious favoritism?


*Slowly grabs popcorn*


ty bro (m)



Dude wtf domt tell everyone what is going on behind their backs OwO actually mods gets x10 bonus


So the prize is x10, yea idk seems ridicilous to be true \o/ but i activated the skill x10 before the prize was announced so yey

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Guys, im new in forum so can anyone tell me how to contact roland?

Just scroll up in this topic to Roland's post and click on his name, you will be lead to his forum profile where you can see the option to send him a message.

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