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  1. Saved in another size (24/40) Although small I hope you're right.
  2. @Daria I do not have much experience with the pixel, my drawing is valid?
  3. Goddess of Light Star Throughout the war of the Spear, the days were exhausting. The battle between the sentries and the Legion was far from over. But for one night every year all those who dwell in Arino had in them one thing in common, they looked to the sky in search of the goddess of Starlight, who crossed the sky with its light, bringing courage and strength to all those who seek victory. His costume is made up of particles from the souls of the most powerful warriors, and illuminated by the bright stars.
  4. Obrigada, mas concorremos separados kkk Obrigada, boa sorte pra você também
  5. Thank you, but it's still early to tell
  6. Acho que é a volta da arena 3x3 ..
  7. Esse Mcsforever fica tentando se passar por mim, para enganar os outros
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