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  1. Congrats to all! Congrats LOGRIMY (I had no doubt you will win )
  2. No one cares what are posts here. Congrats to all. Julie, this "kidding" in the end no need to be written. Cos all of us know the truth. Logrimy, you are right about all. And your video is one of the best. For my proposition - all of the people which sent videos to be small rewarded - nothing. You needed to give them something, so they don't feel like they fail. That's my first and last opinion in this topic, because no point to write. Thank you.
  3. YOU DID IT! Great! I am excited, good job. Your English is good, Logrimy I hope you get reward
  4. I don't think he will have time to repair his video, anyway I really hope that the people which spent their time can be rewarded somehow, even a small reward will make them feel proud that their work had been paid. It doesnt cost anything to GM but means alot for the people. Thank you.
  5. Ok, so the video is good That is what i want to read. Thank you.
  6. I didnt say it is your mistake, but you wrote that other contestants made same ... so if many people did same mistakes, something is wrong. I am sorry, i did not make video because i cant, i didnt try, but really people work hard on it and they deserve one good word. Thats my opinion. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I think logrimy did good job. Video idea is very interesting and I know how much work and time he spent about it. So, mr. Roland, please be more condescending to the people who did what you asked for. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I have a question... Is it possible this Guild discounts to be a little bit longer? We expected it, but we were hoping it will be later. So now BlackPearL (US Saphire) needs 900 k gp, for up to lvl 5, for us that is impossible during this week. Please, make it longer or at least do discount again in the next few months. Thank you
  9. vessyy


    BlackPearL Raams - Leader Vessyy - Leader
  10. BlackPearL Queen

  11. the point is that he is doing that for all his friends and he wants to show that to the others. THANK YOU, WEIDER, sir. :give_rose:
  12. HELLO, I am the leader of the guild BLACKPEARL, WHITEPEARL AND BLUEPEARL. I guarantee that the account of my friend: [email protected] was stolen! I beg you do the best to bring his account back! HIS heroes: killerrano, killerano are the best members of the guilds. Thank you!
  13. Hello again, I say that noone of us got mcoins. Or any other things by email or in game. Thats it. Its not problem, we will buy, upgrade and do all these things again. But it is not fair. Thank you. :unknw: :good:
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