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  1. Va che bbbbeeello logrimy... c'è pure un altro italiano.. se partecipo io però non ce n'è più per nessuno!!
  2. - 50% reduction of Guild points needed to level up (from 2nd to 6th Guild level) lol why, make it for all lvls plz, i d already lvl 9 if it was for all..
  3. yea as i said in the first part of the sentence
  4. I'll pvp u in the test server, i m sexdragon if u have good partner we can also do 2v2 wars
  5. Because also the game is not "magic" anymore
  6. druid has a shitload of stuns compared to shaman, this is another fact full cd druid like dozy can block you for the whole fights if it actives forest song, and in 2v2 can easily block ur team mate & 2 vs 1 u. Shaman is a good class, maybe need a lil nerf on heal totem i m ok, bd need a whole nerf instead
  7. Bro they will never admit it even if they know it, it s useless.. i told that what u said too before.. Feroocity yes.. it s the problem of the moment, a 1k dmg bd or melee in general with 40% ferocity will be a monster.. my suggestion is to decrease it atleast on melee weaps
  8. My heal totem is lvl 1 & i m not saying that it s not a good skill, & i admit is good in 5v5 if there are many shaman. But i still complain about bd.. u can t beat me cos 6 pcs of my equipment are arena awards, but i m sure u won t have any problem against other shaman. BD is op & gets more op in every update i ll continue to say what i ve said before,.
  9. A shaman & a rogue with same amplification of bd will never kill a bd.. not that they always kill as u say.. If u say any class has his weakness i say: i don't see any weakness in bd, oh yea, they don t have a ranged weapon & a healing skill if u consider this a weakness.. but wait the upcoming update & maybe they may add it It s a tank class with good stuns & it deals more damage than any pvp class, i ve always said it & i ll keep saying it cos it s the truth, specially after this update. Fact is that every update they get stronger & stronger lmfao.
  10. Shaman is a good class but can't be even compared to bd, sometimes bd can kill me with 1 ham & i m full award arena awards gears, 35% resil & 5k def (with shield) without hitting so tht counter won t reflect damage. A shaman without arena awards will lose against rogues / bd same amplification, i m sure with this update it will lose to every physical damage class with ferocity weaps. With my stats mrskrillex normal hits me 759 or so, i don t even know if he has +10 weaps.. imagine what he can do to the other casters lmao. Heal totem, yes, it deals lot of heal to many people, but it s a detail if u compare that to the new things tht need to be fixed asap.
  11. Yea we re all waiting for a huge nerf.. Instead of nerfing em they made em again more powerful since now they can reach like 1k dmg & +40% ferocity. Bd is a tank wich can do lot of more damage than a pvp class & it also has good stuns. Just run with hamstring skill on and once u get someone just spam all skills.. tht s bd.. & elf / bd users, don t be hipocryte saying that it s not op.. u guys always try to play with full bd party in arena & we all know the reason.
  12. best class is bd, instead of nerfing it they made it more op with this new ferocity parameters, warlock shaman & druid are nice, mage is not so strong
  13. u prefere to have a low communication in arena & many demands or good communication ( not always true) and low demands?
  14. bros, not that they fixed the problem of the lack of demands.. cos the demands are still low as hell atleast in 2v2 lvl 26... if u wanna spam with a loser party u still can do it, but u will get lower ap, & a rich player won t care a lot about it, he will just buy more tickets & spend more money (a gain for aigrind again).. I tell u the solution to have lot of demand, it s cross server, i mean: if u demand u can meet also people from other servers, because on test server it was like this & was lot lot lot of fun. They said it requires time, then i say: it s better to start to work on it then.. cos it s the only 1 real solution i think
  15. maybe decrease the ferocity % on physical damage weapons? Just like for the melees' arena awards
  16. So people to have a perfect char will have to use the double of the money.. & my arena awards with resilience will make me weaker in pve? seriously? lol ridiculous
  17. poor josyvan.. he has a small brain but a good heart
  18. Wow how u know about new lvl 24 craft weapons & new arena gears? will they come in the next update?
  19. R0land, how many GP it will be per win aprrox? I'd like to spam this instead of dungeons
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