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  1. Logrimy

    Hi Friend.

    Hi Guys, As many already know I decided to stop playing this game. I just wanted to thank you for the time spent by allies or opponents. Life has many phases and that of the evening game is over for me. I have a fantastic creature to grow up and see it become Princess. Time passes for everyone and the hair turns gray . Then the shaman lowers the scepter and greets you warmly. I wish you especially a lot of happiness in life. Have a good trip Friends P.S.: As always...sorry for my english :)
  2. Logrimy

    Logrimy - US Sapphire

    A ok....thanks for the tips
  3. Logrimy

    Logrimy - US Sapphire

    I Don't undestand what are you talking about....but is ok
  4. Always there are alliances ... the game itself is an "alliance" MC vs ELF .... but .... it happens that the two major Guilds of the game (but in different "sides") always want to get the most out of harm of others ... the others are allied and the balance changes. END OF THE STORY My opinion: is funny ..... and remember that alliances are created, then modify and finally they can also end .... but for now there is ... good game. (p.s .: remember your video about lvl10?) I no want drama, is funny and is a game.
  5. Logrimy

    Pictures of your Pets!

    Sure....here my wolf when puppy and now
  6. Logrimy

    Ravus // US-Sapphire

    Aww....why you post now....
  7. Soo many players join in contest! wow GL to all!
  8. Logrimy

    Eu-Emerald / Lordxxmuho

    Sure! but remember i have a ranger too (ok..ok..noob low lvl ranger)
  9. Logrimy

    Damnking/debuya (us-sapphire)

    Debuya - Is nice To associate real faces with players! Good luck for the contest!
  10. Logrimy

    Eu-Emerald / Lordxxmuho

    GL for pics.....but.... Stop WAR
  11. Logrimy

    Logrimy - Us Sapphire

    yes in old forum you can't...Or rather .... it was possible but often in forums it avoids "overloading images".......but now is ok