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  1. I make max 2 seal cap (or 1) for fight, i think is funny, you no need to pay (are 25-50 ap), if you want use seal you can use, but some fight with 10 seal respawn are really stupid.
  2. Agree, normally i no use...but if opponent team start spam, i need use. Seals aren't too expensive at real...are 25 ap....every fight 3v3 you win you reach like 120+ ap. In my opinion must make a cap for use....lime 2 time max
  3. Sure, i want Play, and i like your system of teleport
  4. sorry but I no see nothing impressive in a video...only a seal user. If at start and in the end you no use seal....i think your PT lose. But is ok i no have problem with seal user.
  5. Isn't my preferite map...but you do a Great Work! Gratz Gladiator
  6. Nice Work, I Like it! P.S.: Sei italiano? :)
  7. Hi Guys, My Idea is a Simple map "Ayvondil Sky" A: Team A Base B: Team B Base Ent: Point of appearance (Left for team A - Righr for team B) Ex: Base Exit (Left for team A - Right for team B) Yellow = Passages 1-2-3 = Capture Point The dynamics of the map is classic arena seals capture (i like it) but i propose something news: I Plan to add two new "effect" area ( if developers want) Venomous Area (dark grey): This area is between the Seals (1 - 2), when a player run above the area a venom enchant go on him, he lose hp for an amount of time (like Avondyl T4 quest) Hp Restore Area (Light Blue): This area is near Seal 3 on both side, if player run (or stay) in that area gain an hp restore (like 5%) Below the graph profile I decided to include some typical elements of Ayvondil map (T4 island) as an attachment. Ty All for read ( and sorry for my Bad English).
  8. Nice Job! I Like the Frog!
  9. Clearly, the first drawing is much more detailed, but the size of the pixels proved wrong ... I did not use any program to edit it. I redesigned my costume taking as base my idea with the correct pixel size. If you look at the third image (the smaller one) on the whole it seems detailed
  10. Really Nice, great!
  11. For me you do a great work, i like it. nothing to change. GL
  12. Name of Constume: Nature King The Story of Constume: Who is the undisputed kings in nature .... Sure ME....The Lion .... Tired of being locked up in the dungeon of horror circus finally managed to escape ... The marks of the chains on him (arms and legs) will not go away so easily ..... but his desire for revenge is bigger....so....wearing an old armor found in the dungeons .... no shoes....no gloves..... waiting to find some weapon to use ..... for now ..... claws are enough..... Legend has it that anyone who wears this costume evokes the ancient warrior spirit of the beast ..... All the greatest warriors are warned! Hope You like it.....and Goodluck to all contestor. (And sorry for some English error) Logrimy - US-Sapphire This is my idea This is Pixel Mode ------------ For Daria...now is ok?
  13. General Considerations: Make a perfect player for both PVP and PVE is impossible....becouse you can have 2 set of gears build for different game mode (for pvp with full resi and ferocity etc etc)...but......if you chose a skill build for PVP you have many limit's for PVE.