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  1. Sure....here my wolf when puppy and now
  2. Aww....why you post now....
  3. Soo many players join in contest! wow GL to all!
  4. Sure! but remember i have a ranger too (ok..ok..noob low lvl ranger)
  5. Debuya - Is nice To associate real faces with players! Good luck for the contest!
  6. GL for pics.....but.... Stop WAR
  7. yes in old forum you can't...Or rather .... it was possible but often in forums it avoids "overloading images".......but now is ok
  8. yes i huse Imgur....copy n paste BBCode like always
  9. I do not know if the meaning of my post has been understood. My was not absolutely a critic ... in fact ...in my opinion girls without make up are beautiful, i prefer see a clean face. Some wrinkle or imperfection makes us unique and special. I Like your photo Good Luck for contest
  10. hmmm strange....i upload photo like always...someone see...many no...idk what to do
  11. nice photo psi :) GL