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  1. Güzel günler çabuk geçer diyorlar doğruymuş. Umarım her şey yolundadır senin için.
  2. I know general rules and more. Obviously, this issue is already closed. I thought you might be of some help. But as you can see it won't do me any good. No problem. I already quit the game. I prefer games that don't leave their store open overnights and don't blame their players when they make mistakes. With each mistake, the player they lost increases even more.
  3. Nobody has advantage for bugs. Bug is always bug. Loyal or non. Problem is who used that bug, some are still in play without any penalty.
  4. This game has been in operation for over 10 years. If you can go without closing a 10-year-old store, if you blame your most loyal players and leave the rest, yes. (by the way this is not the first time) What mistakes I saw and no one was punished. Take a look at the season 1 rewards if possible, people got them all in one day. They are still playing. If you want, we can go further back for the mistakes. I have more than 8 years experience in this game. I saw many bugs. But again, my intention is not to cause trouble. I just want a deal.
  5. Yes I know the rules. I also know that something will not change here but there is an injustice in the game. We both know these very well. My only regret is that my account, which I spent a lot of money and effort on, was blocked. Why would anyone ignore problems and blame a loyal player? I made a mistake and asked for forgiveness many times. The game was making fun of me by saying "you can open a new character". So do you think you're the only criminal player in the battle pass update? Is Aigrind not guilty? If I still have a chance, I want to go back. You can ask @Higgings about my role in the game. I'm sure he wouldn't want that wrong to happen either.
  6. Yea uncle sorry about disturbing. sometimes nice answers are better than deleting them. Everyone knows there will be no solution here. But support sends so many automatic replies. If we swear them, they will say thank you, dear player. Those who wear the "Alter Ego" costume on the first day of the season, ask them abuse of bugs first or who farming bot still in first map. Well let’s celebrate new update now.
  7. Why you delete my post? Why are you so afraid of the truth? Am I guilty of seeking my right?
  8. There was a sudden reset last season pass and no one asked why. More than 20 characters were banned. Because rewards could be received multiple times. My account was worth more than $2,000. I got banned for 28k mc worth stuff.
  9. Let's see if there are any bugs in the new season rewards. Aigrind loves to make mistakes and put the blame on the players.
  10. I can explain for you. We found a bug that we duplicated everything (spring chests, reputation points etc.) all of battle pass rewards. So AIGIRING stopped servers 8th times or wait maybe 7th. Then they fixed that. But still many players continue farm botting afk gold and many player still continue botting in arena. By the way, previous reset they fixed battle pass quests that you could have given unlimited tasks.
  11. You re so funny. I remember you while you play hunter. Now probably you sold your hunter and cry for it here for defend your class sentinel.
  12. Mountain Instincts: Now instead of attack speed of the character, increases the “Penetration” parameter by 4-5-6-8% for 15-18-22-26 seconds. Already nobody plays hunter and today you says we gave you pene.. I HAVE ALREADY MAX PENE.
  13. Mountain Instincts: Now instead of attack speed of the character, increases the “Penetration” parameter by 4-5-6-8% for 15-18-22-26 seconds. Stop delete my post and dont touch my skill
  14. Are you sure to add book in dungeons? 5 days passed and nobody still got drop. Better change to rarity IMPOSSIBLE non-class "Enhanced Fury" skill book.
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