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  1. A new generation of Warspear
  2. You look like fun, good luck.
  3. Example: I know someone really beautiful, I ask for it to create a character just to participate in the contest, and after I get the mcoins received. Doesn't seem fair, the winner of the contest most beautiful Warspear player, someone who is not participating the game really. But that's just my opinion.
  4. I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. So a person who only has a character level 01 can also participate?
  5. Maybe she's not really a Warspear player, is just a known of someone who plays, who knows? Roland, you have something to say about this issue? Sorry but I believe that beauty also in sincerity.
  6. It's been a person with char level 1 this by participating in the contest?
  7. It could be 50% at all to raise the level of 2 to 6 We're never satisfied, sorry ahahaha
  8. Yes, I also believe that there are beautiful Brazilians participating, as well as the two of you.
  9. Will have two special awards, one for boys and another for girls. And the Special Prize for the photo with the most like?
  10. Women always with many costumes, as in real life
  11. The vote is for the special award right, miss and mister Warspear will be chosen by GM?
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