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Rip eye :)


how ppl can get new weapons in just few minutes? e.e


trying to get a resource xD





Опубликованное фото


They don't have the weaposn. The weaposn are linked from the crafring tab.



Do Gg really drop craft stuff? I am just crafting the stone right now. 8)

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lol, those limited time craft weapons are awesome. I saw a lv 20 2h axe, full stats, a stave of sudden doom :*, and this awesome crossbow with cool down reduction!


ahhh, soooo much crafting I have to doooooooo!!

dont know where to staaaarrrrrttttt


Опубликованное фото

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She's rich coz this mofo so lucky.



Joins AA hunt -> gets 3 drops, i get def sphere.



Srsly. Steal 'em drops gurl. Ffs. Man. Srsly.








Hahahahaha I will never forget that sexy time xD



You wanna hunt again with me... pleasseeee? :blush:

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Just how ?


you can get extra craft exp by using prentice license, and you can instantly finish any craft job by paying mcoins.

Hassn could max all professions now if he knew how.

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