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  1. Oh I'm curious about the girls hair lol.
  2. Haha, stay positive! Too bad I'll get home very late but I can't wait for this event!
  3. Oh... About the halloween.. I hope we get cc costumes because I don't wanna miss them this time.
  4. I'm so glad they gave us more cc quest! No more bored in game because now I keep killing mcs.. Anyway about the new skills, it suprised me, really nice ones! I can't believe that barbarians has very good stunning skills xD I couldn't even move or use my spells anymore for a long time. Yeah they become op now.
  5. Awesooommmeeee. Yeah im mc but still i can beat bds and druids so i dont mind about their skills. :D
  6. I'm glad they fixed the bugs now. It become more fair now. I'm curious about quest drops in Ayvondil... After all, mc has the skills and elfs has the power so its balanced (in my opinion.) :)
  7. Lol priests were calling themselves pro's xD.. Keep up the good work devs! :)
  8. Buy Guardian Of The Shrine for 200k or trade with Berengar Stash sets. Pm me at Cynther EU- Emerald mc side.
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