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  1. This is offtopic Jayrox.The banning issue was for Poley anyway and please don't make the drama longer anyway you weren't even banned.
  2. Doesn't mean he/she is mature he/she can be a mod.Maturity doesn't even make sense.Yes he/she is mature if his/her body is changing but it does not affect personality anyway.I always dreamed that the Warspear Community will be good someday but its always ruined anyway by anyone.Drama is always there because of conflicts.I'm not saying im perfect .Well if the community was good none of this psychotivity even existed.
  3. I think its better if there are already new mods when the forum was new.Now since of bad relationships ingame made both sides pointless.Devs already know that we have bad relationships.They make bad people into mods.
  4. A scamming mod? seems legit?
  5. Well then where would we discuss it anyway.Ladygi posted her thread to clarify things.Poley acted innocently and keep changing topics/targets making the drama longer.Also its unfair to other people too as devs make her their favorite.
  6. Her real personality is evil anyway.Also making Devs as her puppets.
  7. Well its both in Forums and Ingame actually.
  8. Bye Swaaz Yes i do think Poley is wrong and only thinks for herself and uses friends as peasants.
  9. Its getting boring anyway its because they don't express to much.They must express anything even the truth or a lie.
  10. Lol drama is long because she got a lot of connections.Us and Eu dramas combined hahahaha. Well its already cleared that she scammed and cannot be trusted anymore.Whats this EU scamming its offtopic and retarded quotes.
  11. We already know that.Yes she scammed and its very clear that she cannot be trusted Don't add information that we already know like you posting about Kaworu because Turtle posted before you.
  12. I think they just want to remove other people to join this topic to make the Drama longer that makes no sense and they keep blaming others just to change topic and make it longer Its already clear that she scammed and its already clear that she can't repay the gears she stole.
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