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  2. accuracy is good idea for mages ok but atack speed totaly wortless. Dragon eye took 10sec . in 10 sec with +%10 atack speed how many atack mage can do? better use our skills %50 accry on 10sec. So what happend at the end of skill we not see any + of atack speed.. Before give any skill to mage you need to undrstand what make mage can live. Ofcourse not basic atacks ; The skills. Same were happend at ethereal barrier ; barrier come up after few (basic attacks) -!common guys make it count skills to- What i mean from all of this fix the Dragon Eye change parameter ;::: not atack speed , skill cooldown. :give_rose: Plus for 4th mastery skill my sugestion is Mimic - Mage casts previus skill , efect a bit higher than normal skill.... Pls think about this idea , At this game time mage realy need those to be live...
  3. rugue so op :give_rose: perfect mage gets another nonsense skill... we need active skill like reuse last skill or something :give_rose:
  4. magenin alani 7*7 miydi :wacko:
  5. in high lwl of blazing gruond does skill efect time incrise also ? and does it effect on fear chance
  6. o skill almamistik alsak tek sta biterdi:D
  7. harita hakimiyeti oluyo hem androidde:D reklam gibi olcak ama
  8. kanimca craft itemi duser :D
  9. just make sure u done story line look yellow quests :give_rose:
  10. tusu bro android edin :good:
  11. omg man how it would be :D why any of them lock u
  12. gitmeden 20k kastik sadece :'( barlardan
  13. cidden hayatta böyle mi para kazaniyorsun :)
  14. then give ninja to firstborns who can stealth and use katana :good:
  15. o oyunun bu oyunun formunda reklam yapmaya gereginin oldugunu dusunmen hakarete girmiyormu ? :D :give_rose:
  16. tarayiciyi gizli pencereden actim indirdim sorun cözüldü :)
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