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  1. This is offtopic Jayrox.The banning issue was for Poley anyway and please don't make the drama longer anyway you weren't even banned.
  2. Doesn't mean he/she is mature he/she can be a mod.Maturity doesn't even make sense.Yes he/she is mature if his/her body is changing but it does not affect personality anyway.I always dreamed that the Warspear Community will be good someday but its always ruined anyway by anyone.Drama is always there because of conflicts.I'm not saying im perfect .Well if the community was good none of this psychotivity even existed.
  3. I think its better if there are already new mods when the forum was new.Now since of bad relationships ingame made both sides pointless.Devs already know that we have bad relationships.They make bad people into mods.
  4. A scamming mod? seems legit?
  5. Well then where would we discuss it anyway.Ladygi posted her thread to clarify things.Poley acted innocently and keep changing topics/targets making the drama longer.Also its unfair to other people too as devs make her their favorite.
  6. Her real personality is evil anyway.Also making Devs as her puppets.
  7. Well its both in Forums and Ingame actually.
  8. Bye Swaaz Yes i do think Poley is wrong and only thinks for herself and uses friends as peasants.
  9. Its getting boring anyway its because they don't express to much.They must express anything even the truth or a lie.
  10. Lol drama is long because she got a lot of connections.Us and Eu dramas combined hahahaha. Well its already cleared that she scammed and cannot be trusted anymore.Whats this EU scamming its offtopic and retarded quotes.
  11. We already know that.Yes she scammed and its very clear that she cannot be trusted Don't add information that we already know like you posting about Kaworu because Turtle posted before you.
  12. I think they just want to remove other people to join this topic to make the Drama longer that makes no sense and they keep blaming others just to change topic and make it longer Its already clear that she scammed and its already clear that she can't repay the gears she stole.
  13. So you can repay the money you stole but not the gear? Then it is settled then that you scammed? Although you were going to pay back but you kept her waiting? Also thats why they don't trust you anymore.
  14. Just Lol Everyone is going insane.
  15. DARKLORDESe nobody cared on your opinions and nobody cares on what you say because we are just saying things and you no boss.
  16. So she thought Ladygi will not comeback so she enjoyed doing it.Yes i think its very wrong to steal specially to your friend.
  17. Oh well Trust or Lie it always happen in the Internet.Sometimes you get a feeling to betray someone but its just a decision.Well if Poley did steal(or not) she must be judged.
  18. "None of my business" Although its really none of my business but it just shows people's real personalities even if its the truth or a lie(fake) People always want to get inside someones business even if not theirs.Its common to see this types situations(relationships) by doing what is right.Many people Suggest to do what is good or bad.Others suggest ridiculous words that are fake. -Seduce
  19. I thought sulla was wise but is not after all.So he makes retarded troll posts since he played warspear and uses much offensive drama talks. So i guess this isn't the end for me because i will return someday.What about ingame? I will hunt their chars in secret names and also gank them daily.So r0land decided to talk to someone so Mecha wont get mad at them so they sacrificed me so no more rich players get mad at them meaning that i was nothing.After this i will not use Hotdogs account and he's innocent anyway.
  20. Wow people here act like psycho's just because of this game.People here act like communists saying all about love,maturity and dramas.People who played warspear enhanced their minds to do what is right or wrong.Its democracy here not communists afterall people have rights to talk and i need justice not all about someones Maturity even if he*s mature he can be wrong sometimes.
  21. How could it be deserving without justification? Also i didn't donw anything wrong.So he banned me because i spammed smileys and posting russian forums and some of my posts that want the drama days back? Also it ain't fair to be banned 10 days that is not real.I suppose because he loved Eisha? or is it just me?
  22. Last but not the least why you guys let Mecha ban me? he deletes my threads,posts, and reports?
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