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  1. When you think lv10 can hide you jaja
  2. bruh.. im a main templar user with every possible greatness set available in shop, and im saying this skill is good enough when it comes to cd, when i use cd set i can even stun people 2 times during silence before it runs out. only thing i agree with is maybe give it a physical damage. this skill lasts so long already at 5/5, even more when you use continuous relic on. no need to change anything. i agree with this, it should have something for staff and magic templars, even if its not damage, atleast something else when its used, being a low physical dmg or staff templar makes this skill very useless at level 1, no damage at all and it doesnt even slow people down enough. its good enough, low cd actually and good duration. very high heal and useful heal to you and your pt members, if you are hybird or staff templar. and i agree with energy restore, thats a good idea to fix the very high energy consumption in skills. i agree with this, this skill is useless if you use staff. ive suggested a better rework for this skill and it doesnt change the way it works alot. ye the fact that people can take the healing buff before you isnt just bad in pvp, its also bad in pve since you cant get the benefit from having magic to heal you as a tank. this skill is good, but only at level 1 xd other levels cost so much mana and doesnt increase your hp and block enough compared to the mana you need to have it.
  3. Hello, i would like to suggestion some changes to several skills (based on the characters i've played and tested). ill start with Templar: Deity Statue, first of all this skill has a problem.. when you use it in crowded area it will buff (X amount of people depends on the level) but the buff will not effect the user himself, which is useless especially if hes using it for tanking and apparently the tank needs the buff. extra skill rework: Priest: Redemption has been nerfed to become limited on players, therefore: Ranger: Hail of arrows has one problem only, it can be blocked by block state, which contradict the sentence "this attack is impossible to avoid." Chieftain: Swooping Army is a magic damage skill, therefore: Thrashing this skill has 50% damage and attack speed reduce at 5/5.. Guild skill rework: Magic Globe of the Guild, i suggest changing how this skill works, since some classes have benfits under its effect rather than reducing their damage (especially Chieftain's aoe magic skill), so it becomes 80% damage reduce of physical and magical. thats all for now, i will add more if anything comes in mind.
  4. Hope you will add more skills slots then. 20 isnt enough for all buffs from books
  5. guess the restart came earlier than expected
  6. idk from where to start lmao the amount of bugs in this game is uncountable, people dont even bother to report anything anymore cause they know it will take way too much time to be fixed, or not fixed at all. i suggest you to hire new and better developers/designers cause you are being a joke when someone mention a bug xd a report about this bug been sent to "support team" since day one of spring event now this
  7. so people been paying from 10m to 15m for this book for 2 years cause it was useful and good, now you just nerf it and remove lifeforce potion effect? simple as that? forgot to add this up, classes like Rangers/Rogues/Seekers and some cases of Warlocks. cant be as tanky as other classes to just sit in their place while getting stunned from everyone else and recieve damage from them. even if they have 5k base damage they cant tank anything, that book balanced things abit.
  8. you only say that cause you dont have it, anyone doesnt have it would say its broken and need to nerf it.
  9. i wanted to reply, but then remembered who am i talking to :d happy new year Jerry.
  10. i dont mean that but thats all im doing in this event, killing rats (minions, dont hate me mods).
  11. tested the event for almost 2 weeks now, saw dgs, rides, map, quests and events.. and same as every year and as i expected it, im not surprised, worst event ever. snow event is the worst event during year, and every year. the mechanical of dungeons and the debuffs of mobs inside cave, the raid boss.. literally everything in this event is bad, not even a single good thing. i said it last year before you release the update that everything is expected and repeated, this year i waited to test it first and i wasnt disappointed, cant wait for next year to comment the same thing^^
  12. i was asking the same thing man,, what kind of person you are to delete full rewards char or even help in deleting it, must feel real insecure.
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