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  1. I have always explained the drops in dungeon like this: drops are endless list, maybe it repeats itself with different order.. but every time a character enters the dungeon, the drop for him from that list has been selected already. so lets say there are 1 million different drop in that list (includes crafts stuff/pots/cards and everything), the "good" drops are also there but in very random locations, there could be a book at the 4th, 40th, 400th or even 400000th slot of the list.. whoever gonna be lucky enough and enter at that time will get it. how do parties with 5 people work? i dont know to be honest, probably count as 5 drops from the list. now how did i come up with this conclusion? simple, if you noticed after events GvG ends and all guilds get free dungeon entrance for 1h, there are so many drops and so many people pop up their names at world chat, why is that happening now and not other times? because so many people entering the dungeon therefore the list is moving fast. also at "x2 chance" weeks or whatever events, they just double the amount of "good drops" in that list. that is my idea of how it works, it is not officially confirmed and i might be wrong.
  2. this system is really needed, people could buy/sell their stuff much easier. at every event i spam dg and get so many armors and weapons, i end up by selling everything to NPC cause i dont have time to spam link everything at trade chat to sell. with this system i can easily see what are people requesting and directly sell them by market if i have the item. fast selling, fast money.
  3. Ever since i started making Youtube Videos, i faced a problem with the login screen, i can not stream at Youtube/Discord safely without the fear of disconnecting from game and revealing my email to everyone that watching.. even when i am recording, and having the need to change to my 2nd account. i have to pause it or cut the login part later, so im suggesting to hide the email from the main display window, do Username system which we can put a username to our accounts and it will show on that window, instead of our emails. (ofcourse we wont be able to login with the username or even do anything with it)
  4. After reading everyone's opinion, you all are right in some way. there must be a way that "deserved" people could get the new best armors in game, rather than buying with imperials they been saving for 4 years. even in my chars i have enough imperials now to buy 4 pieces level 32 armors once the update comes, but thats just unfair and not fun at all.
  5. So since it is confirmed that level 31 armors are coming VERY SOON I'm guessing that level 32 Greatness armors and accessories will follow it too. so my suggestion is, do not put the greatness armors/accessories in shops YET.. instead put them as rewards for rank 1, 2 and even 3 if you like. for these reasons: 1- people will actually start fighting for ranks, therefore arena will be more active. 2- we had 30 greatness armors for over 4 years now? i dont even remember. point is that ATLEAST 50% of people in my server have 200k imperials sitting in their characters waiting for these armors.. there is no fun, and more important no fairness if they can simply purchase full set of armors and amp them once the update released.. 3- we will actually have something to do for the next 12 months, instead of buying everything at once then everyone will be having same sets, same levels same stats. 4- there will be a difference between people who earned their armors and fought for them, and people that farm imperials even if their win rate 20%. it will simply be like this: top ranks winner will have 32 greatness armors, imperials farmers will have access to 30 greatness armors only.
  6. This is so interesting.. EU-Emerald is the 5th server with number of people (activity). 644, almost the half and less from all the above. yet.. elves from EU-Emerald managed to take so many titles and broke so many records compared to others. 5 people from EU only! imagine if that server had more people as RU-Amber, would be so fun
  7. Did i? or you just blindfully repeating nonsense comments and chats between you and your mates? be more creative and rethink before posting here.
  8. ok thats disappointing couldve been more interesting if you added something new atleast.
  9. I think, people need to see the bigger picture. Instead of comparing your character class to other classes, instead of pointing out this class has X thing and that class has Y thing, just stop looking at everything as it is broken, your team might be bad, your character might be not strong enough, the classes in team dont counter other team's classes. When i do arena i always lose when my opponent is strong, when there are good classes and people that play well. Paladins complain that they dont do damage enough at PvE Warlocks complain they arent tanky Rogues complain they arent tanky too Druids complain they dont do enough damage, and also die fast. every class got flaws, also advantages and disadvantages. You arent convinced yet? ask me about any class in your mind and ill tell you what is the class best at, and where best to use it, hell might also give you a player example in my server if i remember..
  10. Ranger's blessing skill can not do critical damage, so to make it a cooler skill i suggest: 1- Enable dealing critical damage 2- allow Icy Relic of Cruelty on Blessing. thanks, have a good day.
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