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  1. Este topic era un trolling mio del año, year / 2012 /.
  2. Well, Lets win again some miracle coins for my pretty face im not playing warspear anymore lmao gonna gift what I win like last time just first places for a troll people from indonesia and china isnt racism but they spam massive friend of friend please like my photo blabla la suck my dkc blablabla anyways beh.
  3. If you got haters, you're doing something right.

  4. After months without enter in to forum I dont know why old changed. About game, everybody knows warspear is a p2w. If you have time, money, I recommend you to buy ps4 pay for a game and internet, or play Smite, LoL , WoW or any great online shooter for pc. If you dont have enough time, in my opinion? Enjoy warspear with your actual character/s in arena, dont start a new one its a waste for pay aigrind bills. Its in developement every update better but worse, I want to shit on someone. A pay to win to "play is free" #clapclap for the new emoticon faces even for this bullshit people have to pay. Regards, From, A old player 1.5 even less. R.i.p
  5. Since I made this topic I wonder how some people, needs to change their usernames every month, cant just pick one and use it forever ? devs and mods have other stuff for do xD
  6. Nothing personal but if someone is breaking EULA rules at least shut up or tell me " We are sharing account" Emerald: Afrostyle / ranger Wetpukz / bladedancer In this ss you can see ,how they two trade accounts , support have to do anything like sometimes do with fair people, more players more updates but segurity and rules are getting worst, thanks.
  7. Mother of... my english was a shit now still but is a bit better xd Idk who and why opened this thread anyways yea xD some day I make a book, im here after get alot of hits , studies going fine, I have a work, about sentimental life , lost many old friends in rl fake people after things, tested with few gf till I saw im better alone without people sucking my blood and trying put me sick.
  8. Servers lagging, I cant conect to the game, basically is enter > coul connect cant see even my chars, time for a coffe I hope to see something soon , thanks.
  9. not sure, for example In laberint my tank attack boss I was attacking mobs around without touch the boss, ok then boss attack me lol, thats was "fixed" ? Really annoying
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