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  1. I have to agree with sulla here. The game is receiving level updates constantly and while you could work hard and get good stuff earlier, now it is very hard for the "hard workers" to survive. In fact, even the money spenders are finding it hard to survive. By the time one would get the latest items and amp them, new items will be out. This instability makes the player annoyed. Also,the new arena map, i tried out that ridiculous random teleporting map in which the best strategy the players have developed is to wait for the opponent to teleport to you and you gank them. Arena is supp
  2. Is 7k+ HP normal coz that will scare shit outta me. i am still living in the past with 2.6k HP . and holy shit, 910 damage.
  3. sulla best rogue EU even tho he is level 20
  4. is this deja vu or did he just quit the game again ?
  5. i think he maxed out dodge skill and you didn't. Just a wild guess
  6. wait...!? So now you can buy costumes which were given ONLY to the tourny winners ? Looool! hahaha
  7. within 5 seconds* not for 5 seconds ._.
  8. type this code in the world chat : /get gm Sometimes it does not work in the first try so try a few times.
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