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  1. I have to agree with sulla here. The game is receiving level updates constantly and while you could work hard and get good stuff earlier, now it is very hard for the "hard workers" to survive. In fact, even the money spenders are finding it hard to survive. By the time one would get the latest items and amp them, new items will be out. This instability makes the player annoyed. Also,the new arena map, i tried out that ridiculous random teleporting map in which the best strategy the players have developed is to wait for the opponent to teleport to you and you gank them. Arena is supposed to be fast and fun but that map is just BORING. It should not be random and it should be doing Damage-on-turn like the lava map if you stay at one place for a long time. The game was definitely fun when I started playing it, i was literally hooked. Leveling up to 18 was fun, there were a lot of different quests and many quests required help of others and it was fun. I met nice people and the community just doubled the fun. I had fun in lab runs, swamps, kota and irselnort . I remember being escorted by friends into enemy territory and killing them right in their land, it was so thrilling and exciting especially when you do it the first time. I think the game went downhill when it became strictly Pay2win. That is when the "magic update" happened. Now, you must have high amp to heal higher and you need to buy signs to get high amp which indirectly means you have to spend more money to get strong. I know many people who were not high amped but still could go for hunts because they could still heal high and they were nice people. The magic update changed this completely. It also made the 1vs1 fights between two casters boring and the ones with same amp would end up in a stalemate resulting in no winner. After that point, more and more pay2win updates kept on coming and resulted in people not being able to catch up. The guild tournament is literally a battle of how rich you are rather than how "strong" or "skilled" you are which is why AoA always wins the tourny without any competition. The revive scrolls also defeated the whole point of death. Now, if you die, you just revive and come back as if nothing happened. I think revive scrolls should have never existed, that just made the game a lot easier, it made camping easier and the rich got yet another advantage over the poor. This also made the game less challenging. One more thing is the population of one class far exceeding the population of the other. Since elfs are more in population, it makes it hard for MC to fight back especially with the imbalance in skills. TL;DR I enjoyed the game when i joined it. Magic Power update ruined it for me. The Guild tournament system heavily relies on Pay2Win concept and the "hardworker" can never beat the "rich" at least in the guild tournament. The instability as new levels and weapons keep coming up,ironically,reduced the interest of many players in the game which are now waiting for the game to become more stable. Also, I am hyped up for the new update containing control points and capturing the tower. I don't usually type this much, wew.
  2. Is 7k+ HP normal coz that will scare shit outta me. i am still living in the past with 2.6k HP . and holy shit, 910 damage.
  3. sulla best rogue EU even tho he is level 20
  4. is this deja vu or did he just quit the game again ?
  5. i think he maxed out dodge skill and you didn't. Just a wild guess
  6. wait...!? So now you can buy costumes which were given ONLY to the tourny winners ? Looool! hahaha
  7. within 5 seconds* not for 5 seconds ._.
  8. type this code in the world chat : /get gm Sometimes it does not work in the first try so try a few times.
  9. no i dont like this suggestion better to give rogues ability to use bows
  10. @angelo, If you get first spot in both 2x2 and 3x3 , you get two rings.
  11. Frikid


    devs look at that idea plox
  12. Frikid

    Awesome war !

    So, Wadan was the war leader. The war looks fun ^^
  13. ^ tried everything yet no success.
  14. The game is not running smoothly after i formatted my PC. As almost everything was wiped out, i think some key essentials were also deleted which stops the game from working properly. The game runs but it is not running smoothly. So i want to know what software should i have in PC for it to work properly.
  15. so guys, how is the new update?
  16. OT : holy shit thats a lot of gp to reach lvl 6
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