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  1. Perfectelf lvl4 near 5 check again it in game
  2. Mofh

    New boss

  3. And why they not say is same reward?... I prefer 10 berengar stash than this duck costume. Yea go all buy mcs spend money to give to this thieves of aigrind :)
  4. WHERE THE NEW REWARD ?????????????????????????? In ur ass?
  5. Same your +10 staff by hassn
  6. I know , you just put the cookies for him to do the job well :)
  7. Hmmm nothing more for you. For your minion Sulla yes
  8. Why you mad with me sulla? Oh i forgot u cant win me so you always cry here or maybe you angry because hassn reject you in AoA 2 tournaments ago? You always be a crybaby loser. :)
  9. Why all people cry about AoA. Its ur fault if no go to join tournaments. Many jelous in this post :)
  10. #1 ur mcs bug ampled your axes +10 #2 you are nothing without supre money and 5x5 in 20 and 18 #3 legends start tour with same ppl they finish. No need inv random ppl crying in world chat
  11. Wow mc bug and dog :* I can win alone tournaments xD better i create my own guild and i play alone for #1 Dont mad if your guild can beat aoal ( elfs not ampleds ) with 5 warlocks in 5x5 NEXT TIME CRY MORE IN WORLD CHAT FOR INV RANDOM PLAYERS FOR TRY GET #1 and later kick after they report . cngratz legends for #3 without 5x5 and no random players they are the winners
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