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  1. Bd Best pvp class now because not have counter in Game. Bd Will defeat any class in pvp. in pve Now Best 1.seeker 2. Hunter/ranger 3.bd rogue maybe 4th or not. Why you not like this moment? if need bd autoattack? need nerf bd resistance(I think need delete natural resistance/rework because not balanced skill ) and maybe balanced.
  2. This is bad... Rogue now dont resist any class in pvp. And already %18 (i think need minimum %30 critical damage because rogue not have autoattack)buff critical damage its so weakness and need change to passive skill. because rogue more active skills have its not practical.
  3. Are you serious? Bd Just need nerf and nerf. Bd tank/dd character but more than attack by rogue. %100 resist %30 autoattack but you again and again crying. I think admins or developers playing bd because not nerfing.
  4. maybe delete rogue? fix pvp rog but not buff pve (maybe add rogue autoattack %15- or %20 maybe it will be balanced)? developers whats your plan? where is the nerf druid and bd?
  5. Yes, I in monday completed dg 5x. 150 points earned.
  6. I cant take my prize 25 chest for 3. Places and 50 chest for gvg 1 places. Nick Ezel ru-amber.
  7. BD have %100 control this is normal? more defence more resist more attack. where is weak point this hero?
  8. it's normal?5k def + %54 resilience my hunter but bd damaging me 1300 auto and ı never control bd. how ı kill bd? #BDSPEAR
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