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  1. Yes, I in monday completed dg 5x. 150 points earned.
  2. I cant take my prize 25 chest for 3. Places and 50 chest for gvg 1 places. Nick Ezel ru-amber.
  3. Will the article with the latest changes not be published?
  4. BD have %100 control this is normal? more defence more resist more attack. where is weak point this hero?
  5. it's normal?5k def + %54 resilience my hunter but bd damaging me 1300 auto and ı never control bd. how ı kill bd? #BDSPEAR
  6. when comes nerf bd? %100 resist, %40 auto attack, long control skills.
  7. Paladin'in Kalkanı çok güçlü değil mi? 10 saniye zarar veriyorum ama kırılmıyor !! 1 +10 avcım var.ben daha kalkanı kıramadan yenisini açabiliyor.
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