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  1. About Arena 3x3...

    Do you guys really think our suggestions reach to core developers? I don't think so
  2. Why drop rates are so low?? I got 1 costume at first day..then more than 50 runs got nothing worthy literally NOTHING !!!!! Not even ethereal catalyst.
  3. Not everyone can't aggro
  4. Best class poll

    Tag more peoples
  5. Best class poll

    Yeah multiselection is needed because not a single class is best
  6. PvE gear with set bonuses for higher levels

    Amp is the main pillar of their income
  7. PvE gear with set bonuses for higher levels

    Costumes and skins give much $$ than new contents...
  8. Revive 'Developers' Diary '

    The title says it all
  9. We need to talk

    Pardons, never wanted to hurt anyone through my comment and I don't support any personal drama.. but I think tavern posts should not be closed unless topic go extreme violent and this is the place in forum with less/no restrictions in chat.
  10. We need to talk

    So that people can't talk freely in this forum? Not even in tavern section? Wow
  11. Some balancing suggestions

    To talk about balance , I just want devs to fix the amp system. Most of you won't agree with me but as a freebie player, the current amp system is pain to me. I spent much time to gather gold for sign and spheres (and trust me I had much expectations) but when I started amping it looked like my all spent time is going worthless (TOTALLY!!!)..... You may try to cover it with "BAD LUCK" but I don't think my luck isn't THAT bad...so in frustration, I left.
  12. прошло более шести месяцев, но новостей об этом нет
  13. So the same pillow with different cover ... Nice