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  1. Increase Boss Drop Rate For All Bosses

    Atleast they should increase the drop rate of energy essence and catalyst bcoz at high level it requires many essences to craft gears( for instance, lv 26 staff requires 38 EE where 1 EE ~5k in eu mc ; nearly 200k gold + some great amount of gold for amping , total = 300k or more) which is expensive for casual players. I saw in many comments that for non-mcoiners, it requires time to get stability in game; but what's the meaning of spending lot of time when u get nothing; i know u would say "u can get def bars ,they are very common drop,every bosses nearly drop those" but we all know that they are very very cheap and compare to the the cost i mentioned above is really low. P.s: didn't read what I wrote xd
  2. I hope will present a mount system

    Bow in mc side was also impossible...Now we have hunter
  3. [2017.08.10] Testing update 7.1. Guild Castles.

    How long the test will be?
  4. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    For some curious people
  5. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    This will be international castle war
  6. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    Cant Level 5 guilds join test server?? (Level 5+, does it include lvl 5? Or start with 6)
  7. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    Clash of Clans : warspear mode
  8. New Mcoin Option

    What is this??? Are u hasan ??
  9. @Daria,i know u will slap me or throw potato at me if I say "When is the Castle Update?"
  10. [2017.07.06] Guild Castles. Part II

    Where is update preview???Where is it ?? Whereeee isssss ittttttt ?????!!!!!!!!
  11. More RNG in Dungeons?

    I like this suggestion...And i request to devs to make dgs more worthy. After Spending 15-20 mins in a bone-breaking hard dg, people expect a well-deserved reward ( i know many won't agree with my comment , but it's a SUGGESTION only). Defs,pots can be obtained from the easy mode but in heroic we want something more worthy. For joining a pt for heroic needs good equips and experienced fingers ( we all know none of them can be achieved so easily ).
  12. More than that it will help the non-mcoin users grow strong
  13. Everything is cheap at eu-mc..This is great