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  1. Lashabi

    class creation

    Which class will you gonna level up in this anniversary update?
  2. I agree with the bait part too..baits don't drop anything so it's cooldown time should be reduced drastically so that players won't have to wait long
  3. Seekers be like : if you need to clear some mobs, call me Make it warspear official trailer
  4. These skills should be renamed as "INNER FRUSTRATION" I have better idea that devs might like about bds new skill......make it passive skill
  5. Lol I saw a bd straight walked though the dark circles of 2 warlocks and killed them like they were pests
  6. Lashabi

    Seeker's skills 8.4.1

    Is it worth lvling up? All I can say that it will be useful only in techno dungeons
  7. Now I realised that so called SUGGESTION section in forum is a complete Joke
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