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  1. All English server is dying (idk about Russian server)... Only high level players who are at 28 or higher are available but also decreasing...that's the reality
  2. Lashabi

    modern solutions

    Or please make sure what is control and stun in-game before commenting 🙂 the only thing you can CONTROL is your character.
  3. Lashabi

    modern solutions

    Have u ever played this game before?
  4. Lashabi

    modern solutions

    Devs should introduce solo dungeons in main-land
  5. Lashabi

    modern solutions

    Come on it's just a game not a business to leave after spending years and money. People will see the graphics and gameplay and WILL shift to it. Mark my words And after the release ws world chat will be flooded with "SELL THIS ACCOUNT PM".
  6. Lashabi

    modern solutions

    The annoying part in the skylore is the item durability loss thing but after release it WILL eat up many ws players
  7. Lashabi

    modern solutions

    At least make signs available in dungeons...it will encourage all players to run dungeon (even 1 pc sign ) because only 1 way f2p players get sign in-game is from guild tournament.
  8. They should have made a post in international level, don't know why they limited such important information to Russian forums only.
  9. Lashabi

    Seeker's skills 8.2

    One more thing, if we don't evaluate the dmg increase from harad shield, then do bd deal more dmg than seeker (if they have exact equipments) because bd have 40% aa DMG (4% DMG buff from elf class) while seeker have 25%
  10. Lashabi

    Seeker's skills 8.2

    @Zurp which daggers do you prefer most for seeker? Spring dg with 5% bonus or spring craft with 2.5% bonus or any other knives (or 2h )?
  11. Will it be open for everyone or just like other craft profession (need craft levels for start)?
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