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  1. Dota players will be confused what to play
  2. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    I am sorry if I hurt someone somehow , it's aigrinds fault..Those chinese are doing these because Devs set different price in different countries...So they must set an universal price for every country so that this problem can be solved .
  3. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    Totally agreed...You will kill yourself if you see and compare the indian mcoiners price .
  4. Amplificando bug ?

    There are many other things that mcoiners can sell from moin shop...Sign belongs to the core game mechanics and it's only available in mcoiners shop ( ignoring guild rewards because you have to amp yourself to get in those top guilds first )
  5. Amplificando bug ?

    Sometimes it exceeds the cost of the object you are amplifying. But it would not affect much if signs were collected from in-game ( like drop from mobs,dgs etc) besides buying from moin shop . +10 gears make a huge difference in game compared to a +5 gear, which makes it a rare condition. So achieving the rare condition we need to work hard . 1k sign wouldn't look abnormal if signs could be collected in-game. P.s. - i messed up all
  6. Amplificando bug ?

    It's like "you have to pay more to get more " system
  7. Amplificando bug ?

    I saw some cases where people spend more than 5-6 sets just to get +6 - +7..imo aigrind should increase the chance of amping gears to +6 -+7
  8. Insults and racism in the game

    That's a problem btw
  9. Insults and racism in the game

    Mods selection by voting is also nice
  10. It Can Be ?

    A different faction sounds interesting...But it may take years to implement . Not saying that it is imposible because Devs already added new classes which was told impossible before.
  11. I am not complaining but they should encourage free farming besides buying mcoins.