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  1. Wow... Haven't done it in my whole life. :O
  2. What about test server? It ill be this week? Please reply, thanks in advance. :)
  3. After current event ends, when next one starts? I mean, after boss die and event finish, when next one starts? I hope i will get a response. Thank you in advance.
  4. He's right the amount of good luck tokens given as reward is too low...
  5. Now again it is outdated... What's going on???
  6. Now it works but why when enterning horror map client just close?
  7. Daria, this test server version says that it's outdated... What to do? capture
  8. As in the title, how and when does this new event start?
  9. Will test server be online also next week and when official server are stopped for adding update? Thanks in advance for your response.
  10. Support this guy, like his video, subscribe to his channel!
  11. I really want this costume. Djfromhell is pro btw.
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