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  1. Buudbd

    [2018.12.07] The XXV Arena season is open!

    I'm sure it would be the best for the game, and to try a season of the Arena the united servers (Only in the Arena) would be the best, it would give the life that the game has lost little by little!
  2. Buudbd

    Battles for the Territory!

    I do not want less to despise your subject, but your subject is not good, because just placing a red circle will not fix anything! the red circle has to be accompanied by all or better functions of which I mention in my theme!
  3. Buudbd

    Battles for the Territory!

    I think my subject is very different from him from her!
  4. Buudbd

    [2018.12.07] The XXV Arena season is open!

    You are right an idea how are you, or ONLY unite all the servers in the arena! This would give the life that has lost the sand and Warspear, I think many players would return to the game! Thanks Mom!
  5. Buudbd

    Compra de acessórios de grandeza lv6

    você queria comprá-los para o seu lvl 28?...
  6. Buudbd

    Battles for the Territory!

    Let's talk about credit when the developers place the red dot (AND ALL THE FEATURES OR IMPROVED, MENTIONED ABOVE)
  7. Buudbd

    Quests :(

    I think you underestimate people very fast! Yes, I realized, thank you!
  8. Buudbd

    [2018.12.07] The XXV Arena season is open!

    I think they should "try" a full season of sand, join all the servers (ONLY IN ALL SANDS) I think this would activate all the sand! I think you should try this, I think it's about time!
  9. Buudbd

    Server Transfer

    I think we should all ask ourselves what we are doing or what the developers are doing so that the legion side (not dead and be more active as in the Sentinel)
  10. Buudbd

    Server Transfer

    friend, I think it would be easier and less complicated "I think" to change the character to the server you want (using mcoins). Wow! They link the two servers. I think it would be very complicated and I do not think all the players agree with that.
  11. Buudbd

    Server Transfer

    There are games like "TIBIA" where the character has more data and it's super easy to change server, I think that's not an excuse!
  12. Buudbd

    Make Arena more better

    very good answer!
  13. Are these war the prize will be active 3 days? Will they be alone when the sand season ends or how often?
  14. Buudbd


    hahaha greetings!