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  1. Arena Lvl 6-16 are still dying ... I just ask this question: why did you create these Arenas if you don't pay attention to them?
  2. let everything die? is very selfish what you say, I only want the best, I propose an idea (I will pay for it only in this season for my friends to be motivated) and enough ignorant, with what purpose they created the Arena of lvl 10 if you do not care what happens there. every time I am disappointed more.
  3. Well, I would pay what is worth 28.5k coins to Warspear and they would place the option of 28.5k coins in #! 2v2 Arena. (In the EU Service) My Friends and I want it to be something official, so that people do not think it's a joke
  4. Good morning ... I have spoken with my friends from Arena lvl 10 and we want to make a sand tournament where the winner wins (28.5k coins in the # 1 position of Arena 2x2), We want to know if we send the money paying for that to you could place an option that says (28.5 coins # 1 2v2) and when the season of the Arena ends you will send the Coins to the winner. with this we want to motivate our friends and the other players to participate in the Arena lvl 10 which is also very fun. gentlemen developers and administrators please do these for all of us, for years Arena lvl 10 and other low level sand, have been discriminated and ignored by you. (Of the 99.9% of all our proposals of Arena lvl 10 (I speak in general) here in the Forum have been ignored ... enough is enough. Thanks and sorry if I translated wrongly,
  5. friend, I'm the number one who is upset to wait so long, but let's have patience.
  6. I hope the fun We always hard on that map ... apologize to everyone for always complaining. i love all
  7. I do not know what surprises this new map brings, but I prefer to wait a year for AIGRIND to surprise us with something like: More 1000 missions, surprise gifts hidden in the new map, a map 3 times bigger than the one that is ready to the update and many more surprises. I think everyone will think the same if they tell us that something like what I described will be published in the update.
  8. An image that describes what they expected to be the 5v5 Arena and this is the reality!
  9. did he get upset about this? The forum is to talk and not said any the bad ... and I am right! This is what he mentioned: "Test the innovation developed in the most efficient way" (In ARENA 5v5) until now it has not worked and it does not work ... I repeat what I said before, time will give me a reason! I think AIGRIND makes too much money with our purchases in the game and we deserve the best! Remember that the customer is always right! It will dawn and we will see ...
  10. Thanks! AIGRIND does not like hard work: I said it because, on one occasion, I mentioned that it would be good "to try to unite all the servers (only in the arena), but with this update that is being launched, this option is disqualified. For that reason I said that AlGRIND does not like to work, because joining all the servers would need a lot of work, attention and effort) About what I said, this update will be a mistake "again in the 5v5 arena". You will notice soon!
  11. I think it's the only good thing! Do you also like the 400 medals prize? hahaha I think it's a mockery, getting 400 medal is not so easy, and when the prize comes it's not worth it!
  12. = all the previous prizes are shit ! excuse my bad words but it's the truth.
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