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  1. Buudbd

    Missing itens arena shop!

    And this theme bores me, I'll just say that with this action the GM (I kill sand lvl 6-16!), Just because he does not care! This new season increased the number of Imperials of Grandeur because the players of lvl 18-28 complained and increased the coins! We also complained about players from lvl 6-16, I, for example, not only complained, but I proposed 3 very good ideas so they can come back and use only at level 6-16 the props, but he simply ignored us new!
  2. Maybe the elves win the next war, good luck, haha! mcs we are the best even though the gm likes elfs hehehe
  3. Buudbd

    Crimson Corundom worth more during event?

    I also listen to the trumpets and the circus party. Welcome friend, I recommend that you save your CC for the event!
  4. Buudbd

    Arena char account spamming

    Is it logical that a person does not sleep? I know why, because he shares his account!
  5. Buudbd

    Lab Bug

    I want to add one for me, I will do it as you said, thank you very much, new beautiful administrator
  6. Buudbd

    Lab Bug

    Turtle hello, a question ... How do I post the message that appears in each of your comments below and on the YouTube link?
  7. many, thank you ... these wars should last 3 days (the bonuses won)
  8. Beautiful apology, I'm using Translate!
  9. He deserves the excellent job he has done!
  10. Buudbd

    How do the craft/castle relics work?

    This topic is very interesting, thank you! I was thinking about making a video for my Youtube channel, explaining how they work, this topic will help me a little more!
  11. Buudbd

    season XXII summary in US

    gzz bro
  12. Buudbd


    EPIC... what happiness I have all my relics