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  1. Good friends. I leave this here an issue about the war! you need many options and things to improve comment as you would like the war this 2019!
  2. Buudbd

    Letters from Chinese Players

    Hello, welcome a hug to all my Chinese brothers.
  3. Buudbd

    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    I want to join, who tells me when I will be available for Latin America?
  4. Buudbd

    I need some new achievement to complete

    wow very good idea, it would be great to be recognized in the game with something more than an "achievement"! It could be a medal that is visible in the player! Yes, a suit would be good!
  5. Buudbd

    Daily chest III

    Maybe not, @Reivenorik! But I think if you approach a real percentage according to what I recive in my chests! I agree I think you have to update the chests!
  6. Buudbd

    [Higgings] - [EU-Emerald]

    Thank you, equally for you!
  7. Buudbd

    Boss Mounts

    He does not die for mounts, neither because we need a new level 30 or because we need a new ayvondil map! I agree with you, the developers should insist on solving the current problems, before thinking of a new map or a new level lvl 30!
  8. Buudbd

    Boss Mounts

    thank you friend and happy birthday again!
  9. Buudbd

    Boss Mounts

    Exaggerated is to always see the same in the game, and many stop playing for that! so players do not stop playing the game *
  10. Buudbd

    Boss Mounts

    It would be a good innovation for a game that dies little by little!
  11. Buudbd

    Boss Mounts

    Do not say never! Add them one to one seriously good! Gracias amigo!
  12. Buudbd

    Boss Mounts

    It is not only add mounts, the mounts will be accompanied by new missions (maybe the new update that will come in summer with the new ayvondil map) and you will be accompanied by bonuses, depending on the boss's mount! I do not want to be repetitive, but there are many problems in the game to solve. Before thinking about a new map and ayvondil! I said it in a previous comment, we are drowning with so many problems! (I'm not exaggerating) they could place the first ones in the next summer event or new ayvondil map!
  13. Buudbd

    Boss Mounts

    Good friends, today I bring a new suggestion to the developers! To be able to mount mounts, that is, to be able to ride on the strongest bosses in the game! An example in this photo: Not only in that boss can you ride, he talks mounts of all the bosses of the game! This could bring some benefits such as the regeneration of life, the regeneration of energy, pressure, critical hit, attack speed, penetration, etc. These bonuses mentioned above can be placed on all boss mounts, and the player using the boss mount will use the bonus. (Only when you use it) I let the developers think of a way to get the bosses' mounts, they could be obtained with new missions added to the game or with mcoins or dropping them in the bosses! These game photos and bosses are some examples: