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  1. Edit: Its pretty op in higher level arena
  2. After update my build is now 4 exterm, 4 tricky tech, 4 jump. Looks dope
  3. Since there are 2 different set gears, the how to know which set gear activates which set skill? Also 4 equips from a lvl 32 set =1 skill or 2 equips from a set =1 skill? Can anyone link all the cloth light heavy equips of lvl 32 here pls
  4. In basic build agro is 3/5 in all the builds. 3/5 would be enough for dgs and players with op dmg in pt?
  5. Quick question so there is only one difficultly level of this dungeon and merman rep required to enter the dg is 5k? Not 35k?
  6. If I have 1k dmg and with crit (30-40%) if am dealing 3k dmg(with little to 6/7% pene) ... Then with 1k dmg + crit(30-40%) + 25% pene then could i be dealing 4k dmg? Because of the extra pene %?
  7. No what I meant to say is... If your using speed accessories and full attk speed enchants on gears with speed belt and shoes and this lvl 30 speed bow. Now let's say your doing dmg on boss you are releasing arrows very quick because of the full attack speed enchants.. And you have another Ranger in your pt who has different burst build focusing more on crit and pene (with crit and pene gears and pene x2 weapon) keep in mind it's not like you don't have crit or pene even you have frit and pene but very low.... now at the end of this boss kill which one do you think would have dealt the highest dmg to the boss? I could only get this example to explain it I hope you understand what am trying to say.
  8. But at the same time with x2 pene bow the dmg dealt would be equal to the amount of attacks made with attack speed bow isn't it?
  9. With current spring update there are 3 new weapons introduced of lvl 30 Among these 3 which one is best either for hunter or Ranger? 1) spring bow with attack speed, crit, atk stgth. 2) spring bow with crit, pene x2, attk stngth 3) craft crossbow lvl 30 with accu, pene, attk speed. Am having hard time deciding best weapon for my char with this update So tell me which one on your opinion is best and why? I read somewhere that normal bow (with no attack speed compared to xbow with no atk speed) will have an additional slight increased attack speed if equipped compared to that xbow. I remember it as a passive skill of using bows but am not sure now since there is no information I can find about it. Does it still apply? Also I'd like to know how much attack speed is increased at 4/4 bitterness buff(am assuming it's 12x bitterness buff max. don't remember it exactly).
  10. Not that effective yet still helpful thanks
  11. I do dg with my ranger lvl 30 with 1.1k dmg and 4k def/mdef and 16% ls. The place you are seeing I die there every run. I tried with event heal minion but they dont help me there, tank minion on the other hand sometimes saved me but still rarely. Am dying at this place just did few 5 runs dg and I had to use 1 pot each run at this area. But where as my other healer char can pass this place and my rogue with decent 1k dmg and 5k def and 18% life steal can also survive here... They has better chance in surviving here than my ranger. Idk if its my def which is why am dying. I'd like to know if there's any other easier way I could pass this area without dying or using pot.
  12. My phy def is 7.5k and m def is 3k ( don't have any guild buffs except phy def 3/3) Btw, how did you guessed my def ? which is lower than 8k And Yeah, aura of hatred 4/4 sounds op in this scenario I completely agree, I already achieved what I wanted so I guess I won't be doing it any now or later. But yeah would definitely give it a try when devs will come with nerf of existing skills again xd
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