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  1. My phy def is 7.5k and m def is 3k ( don't have any guild buffs except phy def 3/3) Btw, how did you guessed my def ? which is lower than 8k And Yeah, aura of hatred 4/4 sounds op in this scenario I completely agree, I already achieved what I wanted so I guess I won't be doing it any now or later. But yeah would definitely give it a try when devs will come with nerf of existing skills again xd
  2. @FakeUser i applied it. Made my hurricane 4/4 and 2/4 saturation. It is working just like as i wanted. Mission accomplished. Thanks for sharing your knowledge 👍
  3. Lets say a rogue with lvl 28 crit accu and ls axe along with full dodge gears,accessories, plus dodge skillbuild ( refelxes 4/4,poisonous blades 4/4) against a same lvl rogue with new craft lvl 28 weapons (i know they havent been introduced yet but just an assumption , and judging by the last 2,3 craft axes... with a parry accuracy and dmg stats lvl 28 axe ) and same amps except instead of dodge this rogue is full critical build gears,and skill build poisonous blades 4/4, extermination 4/4 ? For burst dmg,( idk exactly on which skill to max for burst dmg other than poisonous blades) What would be the result which one would be better ? And What would be the diff between these two rogue's ?
  4. I see On the other hand i like rogue class too, its high amount of dmg with dual weapons which is really amazing. Plus requires less pressing of skills. Take warlock for example it requires us to spam skills in order to maximize the dmg dealt but in the end it deals an equal dmg to any other physical dmg class with same amps after all that constant pressing of the skills. All am saying is with rogue you dont need to keep touching screen all the time you know what i mean! Atleast not as much as the warlock/hunter. Isnt it ?
  5. With speed you mean mountain instincts expert skill? And as per dmg skills there are these two skills pathfinder arrow and explosive shot.
  6. Am just looking for a good dmg class which i will level up to 28 and then i would invest on it and make it strong. As of now i have 2 main lvl 28 chars one is shaman and the other is lock. Locks being magical dmg class/ crowd control. It often gets refused in dgs, i have no complain about locks as it is made in that way. And people prefer physical dmg more like rogue's and hunter's. So i l decided to make a rogue/hunter. Am having difficulty in selecting a good dmg class in mc side. I like bows but i somewhere feels hunter doesnt meet my requirements as a bow user it just doesnt satisfy me. Also Ranger feels a little better to me ( in comparision with hunter pve/pvp). But due to no higher level char in elfside i can imagine it would be difficult for me to create and lvl one, as it would take lots of time. If you dont have one higher lvl char as a backup in any faction It consumes lots of time. So i cant really lvl up a ranger class as quick as i want. But its not the same in mc side with the help of higher lvl chars it wont be long.
  7. Oh i see, but after these many updates is it still the same with such very old players ?
  8. Anyone would like to discuss about it? Any suggestions/advices are welcome
  9. I am a free player , i wont be buying mcoin any soon to unlock an expert skill to purchase blood protection, but yeah i do can replace it with my other experts i have:- call,hurricane,satu,sharpshadow,reserves,silence(bought silence and sharpshadow long time back when i was interested on pvps/arena on this dk but i mostly using it from last 1,2 year for pve ). Also, saturation i have 2/4 atm it gives like 10,12% ls (not accurate) but also it takes 10% of the hp (which is why i am not liking it) If i remember it correct before it wasnt used to be 10% hp deduction atleast. Those 10% are crucial you know when it comes to surviving lab. I have tried 3/4 hurricane, that is why getting curious maybe at 4/4 i would be able to do what i exactly want.
  10. I have couple of halloween accesories.. like lvl 22 halloween physical dmg cape + amulet lvl 22 amulet with bonuses hp , ls, and phy dmg. I have like 13 % ls without saturation... i read other posts players were saying blood shield doesnt stack with dark shield... so it wont work with dark shield isnt it or will it? I have no idea about the new skill. Also what if i level steel hurricane 4/4 ? Since its an aoe dmg skill, but not sure if it be a good idea because you know mobs stick to your char all the time at lab... call + hurricane 4/4 would give some good hp right ? What you think?
  11. Forgot to mention before I was able to solo lab with my dk before like 1 1/2,2 years ago ( it is lvl 24 and +8 amped.). I had a build of expert skill 3/4 hurricane 3/4 reserves.and now I remember I wasn't able to solo lab like how I used to couple of years back, not sure if it is because of all these updates. Now atm I changed my build to reserves 4/4 and 2/4 saturation was curious to see how reserves works on 4/4, had never maxed it before. So did it now I do am able to walk along lab but getting hard in between at some point. But before it was not like that.. Any suggestions/advice advice about it would help Thanks
  12. Whenever event comes like snow and halloween. Players spam dgs and when it comes to dg a dmg class has a more chance to get invited in a party than a tank/heal.(incase of when you prefer to play game alone without any guild support). Am an mc player i have a dmg class lvl 28 but its a warlock even with decent amps .. i have been declined often times. So i am planning to build a lvl 28 pve rogue. Players have even said me can you tank the other side mini mobs when i asked them to invite me to their pt ( in snow event ) alone if yes then join our pt. So like tanky dmger ... and i can see rogues are capable of that, So i need a lvl 28 pve rogue build as a tanky dmger. But also Mostly dmger. Suggest me builds, gears, skills, and which skills to up . Thanks
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