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Fix Blade Dancer

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I don't known if any of you dear developers actually play the game but blade dancer is completely broken class now. And this is the result of 2 factors:


1) BUG on passive skill: The description of the new passive expert skill "power of the blades" says it only increase the damage of NORMAL ATTACKS, but in reality it is affecting the overall attack of Blade Dancer, boosting the power of all the skills as well. Blade Dancer was already a strong (but balanced) class but this is over kill. You guys picked the best melee class in the game and boosted it's attack to absurd levels. It is by far, stronger than a rogue now.


2) Changes on counter: I known you guys tried to change this skill as an attempt of balancing it because it was too strong. But the end result is the extreme opposite. You said you "lowered the damage" but in reality it got a damage BOOST because of the bug I described above. Not only the damage was increased, it stays on forever now. What's the point if a skill doesn't have any weaknesses? Before you could at least stop attacking the Blade Dancer while he was with counter activated but now you no longer can do that because it is activated the entire time.




Here are my 2 suggestions:


1) FIX power of the blades so that it increases only the damage of normal attacks.

2) Revert COUNTER to how it was before.

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Totally agree! I think it's not normal that as a nearly full +10 barbarian I cannot defeat a bladedancer with the same attributes. Not because of the skills I got, but the bugged skill ruins everything. OR MAYBE IT'S NOT A BUG?

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The skills says that increases base attack as far as i know.

the bigger the base damage, the higher the dmg from skills.


As for the counter "nerf" I guess they truly didnt fix it that much lol.

"Basic attackof a bladedancer deal more damage TO PLAYERS AND MONSTERS."


It's not the base damage that is increased but the (basic) attacks. :good:

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When is bd getting it's collective nerf?

Having 15 people and still not being able to kill 5 bds becuase of counter is fun.

Stop ruining the game by making it one sided in the name of demolishing in game pvp.

In general fights have now been so frustrating it ruins the fun factor

This is not a rant in the basis of pvp, I'd want to be able to kill outnumbered bds vs when i bring 2-3 pts to kill one group

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