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  1. Isn't it Voron? (If we translate the cyrillic letters into latin letters) Or Varon? (Or is "Varon" belarussian?) (I'm talking about "Bopoh".)
  2. "Basic attackS of a bladedancer deal more damage TO PLAYERS AND MONSTERS." It's not the base damage that is increased but the (basic) attacks.
  3. Oh mighty lord, I forgot trap and root. But root can be discussed, can't it? I mean, nobody said how high those roots are. But yes. Trap and root (And plash and circle?) should also be changed.
  4. SNP


    You can get lv9 gears, essences and catalysts,minions and other stuff from the dungeons placed on the factions' native islands. But you reach lv14, you won't get anything from them even if you have the quest. But before dungeons you could buy lv9 gears in the shop in the capital of the factions' native islands. That were times.
  5. SNP

    Skill tree

    I like this idea. It would, of course, "trap" the player . When you have chosen the skill path you can want to go, you can't go an other way. If you have chosen the tank path with a bd, you can't go the damage path. But we would avoid some bloody shocking skillbuilds. We wouldn't see priests dressed in killer clown costumes being some bloody killers. Some people say, that it don't fit in the game. Maybe they're right. But it's also my opinion when it comes to dungeons, crafting, minions, expert skills and the new stats (Stun, rage, lifesteal, agility and retribution) and maybe
  6. Hey everybody. I want to suggest a change for shaman's earthquake. Some of you may have played shaman. You were maybe fighting a bird with your shaman. You used eartquake, and the bird got hit and died. Pretty normal or what? But... Have you ever thought about that you just hit something that was hovering above the ground? How is that possible? I mean, it's called EARTHquake, not quake, airquake or earthandairquake. And if the bird didn't die, it would get trapped in the air by an EARTHquake. Or elementals. It's big pieces of an element levitating above the ground. Still h
  7. Oh god, I forgot about that rune. Well, I haven't tried the retribution rune out, so I can't give a qualified answer, but I could imagine, that it's better than dodge. Unless they're amped, most damage casters have low defence, so I would maybe be better for damage casters than tanks when we think about the mechanics behind the stat. Dodge gets affected by your opponent's accuracy, and you will usually need a pretty high amount of dodge to benefit from it. I have a paladin on EU, where I go for max parry, block and dodge (Well, I don't have an amulet with dodge even if i could ). And i
  8. SNP


    I don't think, that more mana would be that good for damage casters. I know, I can't talk for every damage caster in the game, but I don't need more mana/mana regen. Max mana/PvE set: 258 mana and 34 mana regen. Max mana regen: 238 mana 42 mana regen. Arena set: 178 mana and 42 mana regen. Mixed set: 217 mana and 42 mana regen. For damage casters would extra crit, penetration, dexterity, agility, lifesteal or damage be much better. Even hp regen (Or hp) be better than mana. And why would healers need more regen? I mean, they're healers. They can heal themselves.
  9. I think that it's possible to make only staffs able to be enchanted with lifesteal runes. Casters actually don't have a choice when it comes to enchanting your staffs. In the crystal slot we can only use magic crystal (Not surprising though), and in the rune slot we can only use dodge rune. We can't even use a parry rune, which I find much more useful than a dodge rune. Rangers have the same problem with their bows. The worst thing is that we, on our staffs, which is a 2 hand weapon, receive the same amount of % dodge as a rogue, barbarian, deathknight, bladedancer and paladin receive,
  10. Firstborn island: The island is very small and compact, which makes it easy to get around. The quests are not so hard. The landscape is very green and natural. But somehow there are too many trees. Chosen island: It is a big island. Or maybe long is a better word? It is neither hard or easy to get around. It is one of the harder island but not hard, and the island is very beautiful. Forsaken island: The island has a normal size, but it's hard to get around (You have to be patient and run a lot). If you are not enough undead when you arrive to island, you will becom undead while you ther
  11. Nah, we don't have snow on the streets here in Odense in Denmark. What's your favourite song by One Direction?
  12. SNP

    Any Danes?

    Hello everybody! I recently created 3 chars on the EU server (Necro, shaman and paladin), and I thought: Hey, it's EU, there have to be Danes here! (Det moder jeg da. Danmark ligger jo trods alt i Europa.) So I would like to meet some Danes, as I'm a bit lonely. To farm, to chat, to kill other plays, to help and/or get help from. Maybe even join a Danish guild? I'm looking to forward to replies to this topic. To people who are not Danes (Or rather: To people outside Scandinavia) ÅåÆæØø
  13. I choose the 3.0 Update (Crossroads of Destiny) as the best update. In that update we got the two new factions - chosen and forsaken. It brought us many new things. It brought two new island that were nothing but beautiful. It was a real pleasure to do quests on the new islands. The environment was mouthwatering piece of eye candy. It also brought new quests and with them new plots, which extended the story of warspear and gave answers on some of our questions regarding the history of warspear. It introduced also two new factions, which brought the amout of different playable clas
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