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  1. Ее заставляешь меня нет русских? :!
  2. Angelov


    Im newbie in that server. So dont know why ganking
  3. Yess i search that answer you are for me #1 mc now . I like respectful people as you !
  4. Angelov


    Umm хаха thats easy way to love them idk maybe one day
  5. Angelov


    Ух ты повезло!
  6. Янтарь лучше но я играю сапфир
  7. Angelov


    You guys doing game boring and bad . So many mc no pvp 1vs 1 specially your guild and same have more . Idk why mcs only gank ! I hate this ...
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DAzJM4PYimY хахаха
  9. конечно мой голос за Янтарь! ⭐⭐
  10. So easy to kill mcs I love hunt them anytime
  11. Cyber thanks idk u kidding
  12. Omg first time 5x combo kill all
  13. Better ignore like this stupid perverts
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