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  1. Would be cool if you could join 2 weapons together to make an even stronger version eg. weapon a (lvl 18 snow axe) and weapon b (lvl 18 craft weapon) put them into castle forge and pay gold or mcoins and tada!!! It creates new lvl 18 weapon with DMG of craft weapon but stats of snow weapon? Would be cool
  2. It would be nice to see another server made for English speaking countries so that we have a young server that isn't cluttered with accounts that will never get used
  3. BTW I've already sent tickets to support so do not tell me to do this ya wankers
  4. Ok here's what happened my account was hacked by my "friend" I am friends with him on Facebook and we play numerous MMOs and on some (not warspear) we share accounts ...now here's my problem I gave him my I'd so he could give me some mcoins through your site.... Now my password was the same as my warspear password and he must have thought oh now that he's got a good character I'll try to hack his account by using his password from another game....bam he gained access to my account its the only explanation I can think of.... All right I've spent at least 1.5k AU's dollars on this account I am +9 all and +10 weapons.... I retrieved my email and and now my account is blocked.... Hmmm ok so now I'm prompted to catch every mother [email protected]#$er out ..... Yous don't do anything about legionner having 6 accounts or hassn having 6 accounts or everyone but you can ban my account? Really go [email protected]#$ yourself I'm leaving this corrupt stupid game.....
  5. And no I'm not expert just a hero from nowhere
  6. Poison blades are good when pvping other rogues or mages
  7. Also the reason marios hooked on mushrooms :Fg
  8. Working on resi set as we speak
  9. 2% :/ but I have 4000 phy def
  10. Lol Vera why aren't you a dev
  11. With no competent devs anywhere aigrind is forced to promote fkums father he is in charge of all new costumes.... He brings out several new colours of existing costumes and its a hit everyone praises him and aigrinds profit goes up I wish I was a dev
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